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  • Capturing Content in DEVONthink to Go

    Capturing Content in DEVONthink to Go

    Today we’re starting a bit of a series on DEVONthink 3 and DEVONthink To Go. These are the macOS and iOS/iPadOS versions of the research software from DEVONtechnologies and they’re my research storage app of choice. Today we’ll tackle all the ways to get content in to DEVONthink To Go, in a future post we’ll […]

  • Supercharge Evernote with Context Booster

    This looks awesome to help supercharge your Evernote notes.

  • The Everything Bucket Just Never Stuck

    It’s always interesting to see the development of a person. Back in 2009 Shawn Blanc wrote a review of Yojimbo as a case for an ‘anything bucket’. Shawn’s Yojimbo review was actually my first encounter with his writing, and it was good enough I gave Yojimbo a shot. I had tried Evernote many times but…

  • Looking at a Writing Workflow

    Frederico Viticci shared his writing workflow. I too centre my files around Dropbox. My preference for writing app on iOS is iAWriter and I don’t use Evernote, I’ll write about why an everything bucket just hasn’t worked for me some other time. I use Instapaper to store article I want to read and maybe write…

  • Looking at Yojimbo

    Recently I gave some thoughts on Evernote. The review of Evernote was really prompted when I looked at Yojimbo and started wondering why I used Evernote instead. The first and obvious reason I’ll get out of the way now, I was on Windows and Yojimbo is OS X only so until recently I didn’t have…

  • Review of Evernote on OS X

    I’ve been a long time Evernote user and have tried storing everything from receipts for purchases to code snippets in it. Today I figured I’d give you a quick walk through of my likes and dislikes of Evernote. The Good One of the absolutely standout features of Evernote is the text recognition on images. Seriously…

  • Designing for Small Screens

    Designing for Small Screens

    Netbooks are becoming very popular today because of the price and the true needs of 90% of the computing population. Most people are just checking their email, getting on Facebook, tweeting a bit and maybe wordprocessing. Most people don’t need anywhere near the horse power provided by fullsize laptops and desktops. Even for myself the…