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  • How I Use Obsidian to track Programming

    How I Use Obsidian to track Programming

    If you’re a web developer and want some insight into how you could use Obsidian to track what you work on, today is for you. I’m going to give you a tour of how I use Obsidian to track GitHub issues and document our site setup. As this is a working Obsidian vault, I’m not […]

  • My 5 Favourite Kanban Tools

    My 5 Favourite Kanban Tools

    Kanban is one of my favourite task management systems. It does an excellent job at visualizing what is outstanding in a project and seeing all of the tasks that are assigned to you. If you’re interesting in learning more about Kanban I suggest the Personal Kanban book. Today we’ll look at my 5 favourite kanban…

  • Sync Your Obsidian Vault for Free with Github

    Sync Your Obsidian Vault for Free with Github

    While Obsidian does have an excellent sync service that I use for my personal Obsidina vault, it’s not always the right option for people. In fact, for my regular job we don’t use Obsidian Sync to store our Obsidian vault that contains internal documentation. Instead, we use Obsidian Git to store the changes. What is…

  • TextMate is GPL: The Last Attempt to be Friends in a Neglectful Relationship

    So after many years and years of little development TextMate is on Github (Github}. The real question is, will this be something great for TextMate or is it a death knell? My vote is a death knell. TexMate 1 was awesome when it came out, but that was a long time ago. I was right…

  • Shipped Code or ?

    Prompted by a question about the term ‘shipping code’ I’ve got a short explanation. Shipped code is not just code that has been committed to your version control system. It’s not code that you wrote and is sitting in some folder somewhere. Shipped code is tested and deployed in some live environment. I classify a…