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  • An Alternative View on Light Table

    I think that Light Table looks pretty neat but not everyone agrees. Going through the comments most people seem to be excited about Light Table and disagree with the post. I haven’t used Eclipse so I can’t really speak to the truth of the post but at the least it’s always worth taking a step…

  • Getting the Right Coding Environment

    I typically use MacVim with Janus (I’ve stripped some things out) mainly because of the navigation and the fact that you really don’t ever need to take your hands off the keys. I still find that MacVim is missing things, like completion of functions in a project, or adding extra folders to a project. When…

  • Light Table on Kickstarter

    I spoke about code editors and highlighted Light Table earlier. Just saw that Light Table is on Kickstarter. If you think it’s the future of code editors, hope on board. I certainly think Light Table is cool, but I’m undecided about supporting it on Kickstarter.