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  • Peter Sagan vs Mark Cavendish – Finally a Sprint Competition

    Typically I’m not much in to the sprint stages in the [Tour de France][tdf] races, actually in any race. They follow a predictable path. 1. There is a breakaway 2. It’s caught in the last few km leaving everyone to wonder why it even happened 3. Sprint to the finish and [Cavendish][cav] takes it At […]

  • Amgen Tour of California Stage 2 – A little all over?

    Using the awesome [Tour of California][atoc] iPad app, I caught the closing hours of stage 2. Probably the most striking thing was: 1. How effortlessly [Peter Sagan][ps] took the stage. 2. How all over the pack he was. A brief run down for those that didn’t watch. Peter Sagan got caught up in a crash…