How to Make Sure I Will Uninstall Your Plugin

One of the first things you should do when building a WordPress theme/plugin is turn on WP_DEBUG in your wp-config.php file. Turning this on will make sure that you get notices for bad functions, deprecated items in your files…Every theme/site I build has this flag set in development (don’t set it on the production server). […]

WordPress – Plugins or Theme Functions.php

__UPDATE__: I’ve taken a second stab at the topic on [WP Theme Tutorial][wptheme]. While I’ve mentioned it in my presentations on [Mobile WordPress development]( I’ve never really expanded on my thoughts on building WordPress features in the theme functions.php file or in a plugin. ### What’s the Difference? If you’re just starting out in WordPress […]

Tips on Picking a WordPress Plugin

On many of my long term projects my clients are heavily involved in the development cycles. We mark everything that’s not in the current cycle as a ‘future feature’ and collect information on it as we work out the items that are currently marked as features. Often, as we look at a particular piece of […]

WordPress Admin Bar – A Wicked WordPress Plugin

I just finished installing a WordPress Mutlisite system and mapping a bunch of domains so I could consolidate a few sites I keep up to date for friends/family that have businesses and needed a quick web presence. While the consolidation and mapping will save me a ton of time (don’t have to update every site […]

The Daily News: GIMP, usability, and WordPress

I decided that I would start rounding up interesting links each day and pass them along to my readers. I will still be publishing my own articles, but find that I don’t have as much time to get them out as often as I would like. So expect a semi-daily round up of cool links […]

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