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  • My Strategies for Combatting Wrist Pain

    Since my late teens I’ve had issues with wrist pain. I blame it on bad cycling position (riding with my wrists bent down) and other types of manual labour (8 hours of shovelling for a summer anyone?). Yes there is surgery but I’ve found that I can manage it with the tips below. Keyboard I […]

  • What Does Productive Mean to you?

    On a recent members podcast Shawn talked about the type Z personality, from a post by Sarah Bray. The short version of her post is that she only works for 90 minutes a day. She divides that 90 minutes in to 15 minute blocks and devotes the first 4 to 4 items that are time…

  • Multitasking is a Farce

    I don’t multitask, well not if I want to get anything of any real substance done with my time. If I want to waste time then I have Twitter and MailPlane and Linkinus open just to make sure that I can get distracted (wait ‘multitask) as often as possible. I’m still surprised how much of…