Tag: Privacy

  • Why Is There So Much Personal Data to Protect

    In this good article on privacy this made me laugh out loud The question we need to ask is not whether our data is safe, but why there is suddenly so much of it that needs protecting. The problem with the dragon, after all, is not its stockpile stewardship, but its appetite. Basically if Google […]

  • Your iPhone May Not Be as Private as You Think

    From Fast Company, who says that there are a bunch of apps that are regularly phoning home because the free or $.99 you paid for them wouldn’t support their development unless they sell your information anyway. This is why I don’t question the prices I pay for my software even on iOS. I want he…

  • Nothing to Hide…Can I Have Your Phone for 10 Minutes?

    Read this if you’ve got nothing to hide: If someone says they have nothing to hide, ask them to unlock their phone and give it to you for ten minutes. If they hesitate they will have realized it’s nice to keep some things to yourself. Many of us (including myself) have been far to permissive…