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  • Sparrow was Purchased

    In what is entirely a talent acquisition ([they say as much][much]) [Sparrow was purchase by Google][purch]. Marco Arment [has a great post][talent] on talent acquisitions. Without a doubt most products and people are for sale for the right price. Marco event hints that there might be a price at which his team of one is […]

  • Unified Inbox Sucks

    After some recent updates to [Sparrow][sparrow] have greatly improved the speed issues I encountered (read my [Sparrow review][sparrowreview]) I’ve been giving it a shot again and have realized that I hate having a unified inbox. It’s not so much the reading process of a unified inbox that I dislike. It’s nice to be able to…

  • Finding the Right Mail Client – Mailplane

    For a while now I’ve been using [Sparrow][sparrow] to access my email both work and personal since they’re on Gmail or Google Apps. Unfortunately a recent update that added support for other IMAP client has slowed Sparrow down lots and meant I’m in the market for a new email client again. I’ve wanted to try…