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  • The Task Managers I Recommend

    The Task Managers I Recommend

    While I’ve centralized my work on a single task manager, that doesn’t mean that I recommend my choice for everyone. In fact, I tell my wife **not** to use the task manager I use daily. It’s simply too much for her to manage. Let’s take a look at the task systems I recommend and dive…

  • Task and Project Templates in TickTick

    Task and Project Templates in TickTick

    One of the crucial features in a task manager is the ability to build out the same types of projects easily. I don’t want to try and remember all the steps in my writing and video projects. I want a system that let’s me run a Shortcut, or provides some way to have project templates.…

  • TickTick Quick Add Syntax

    TickTick Quick Add Syntax

    When you’ve got stuff to do it’s important that you can get tasks into your task manager quickly. In today’s video we’re going to look at the Quick Add Syntax that is available in TickTick. By learning the quick add syntax you can speed up writing your tasks down so you can get back to…

  • Build A Content Calendar with TickTick

    Build A Content Calendar with TickTick

    A while ago I showed off my [content calendar in Notion](https://curtismchale.ca/2020/04/20/build-a-content-calendar-in-notion). Even in that video you could see some of the cracks showing in what I was getting out of Notion. The iPad application doesn’t support a trackpad properly, and it’s slow…oh so slow. Today I’m going to show you my replacement content calendar built…

  • Archiving Projects (Lists) in TickTick

    Archiving Projects (Lists) in TickTick

    While it’s quite easy to archive a project (TickTick calls them Lists) in [TickTick](https://ticktick.com/r?c=qvw3brd9), it’s not all that obvious how you do it. Today’s short video is going to show you how to archive/close a list in TickTick for iPadOS and macOS.