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  • Some initial thoughts on CRM tools

    Clients are the life of any freelancer’s business. You should always be marketing to and talking to possible new clients to keep your pipeline full of work. Let it drop off and you’d better go find a fridge box to live in. Enter the CRM If you don’t know what a CRM is lets get […]

  • Does Trello work to Run Your Business?

    My latest stop in software to try and run my business has been Trello. Unlike Daylite (read my Daylite review), Trello is not a specifically tailored CRM and Project management application. I say that Trello is not ‘specifically tailored’ because Trello takes a such an open approach to dealing with managing business tasks. You can’t…

  • Trello Initial Thoughts

    After working with Daylite (my review of Daylite) and writing about OmniFocus not quite cutting it for business management, I’ve decided that Trello is my next stop. After a few days of using it here are some initial thoughts. Wide Open is a blocker One of the best features of Trello is also a blocker…