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  • Most People use the Native Twitter Client Anyway

    I’ve talked more than once about Twitter restricting it’s API. Sure most people I know don’t use the native Twitter clients, but most people I know easily qualify as power users of pretty much anything they use. It seems that the general Twitter user uses Twitter’s apps or the website. Twitter has these stats as […]

  • Here Goes Twitter Screwing Around

    [As I talked about][talk] a while ago, Twitter is starting to get jealous with its data and API. Just recently the gave [Instagram the shaft][inst] by shutting it out of the API which allows Instagram users to find other Twitter friends. While I can certainly see that Instagram is a heavy user of the API…

  • Twitter Biting the Hand that Feeds

    A while ago I wrote about [Twitter as a free service][freeservice] and how I didn’t think that their current business model (media and selling Tweets) was something that most of the core users of Twitter would really be happy with. Well it seems that [Twitter will be cracking down on it’s API][verge]. True we don’t…