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  • Web Designer Magazine Article – Pick the Perfect WordPress Theme

    Web Designer 191 - Pick the Perfect WordPress Theme

    Web Designer 191 is out (at least in Europe and will be on shore in North America shortly), and with it comes a feature article titled ‘Pick the Perfect WordPress Theme’ which I wrote most of. You can get it digitally on you iOS device through Newsstand and in Chapters in Canada. I have no […]

  • Web Designer Magazine Comment – The Demise of Geocities

    Curtis McHale in Web Designer Magazine

    For a second time I was asked for a comment in Web Designer Magazine. This time dealt with the recent demise of Geocities. For my part it is sad to see Geocities go in one sense. The first sites (if they could be called that) I ever built were built on Geocities. I had a…

  • Web Designer Magazine Article

    I recently had the opportunity to contribute my thoughts to Web Designer Magazine out of the UK. The question I, along with others, was asked is “Is Web Design a Dying Art?” The premise of this is based on the strong tools that are coming out for people to build their own websites and blogs…