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  • 2 Tips to help you become a 6 figure WordPress consultant

    2 Tips to help you become a 6 figure WordPress consultant

    I’ve already written about one of the kickback points from my 6 Figure WordPress Consulting post when I broke down my expenses. The second push back I got was that someone doing WordPress could even make $60k let alone invoice over $100k. I’ve done it. I can think of many people that invoice over $150k […]

  • WP e-Commerce Drag and Drop Sorting Bug

    Today we’ll look at a bug (yeah another one) in WP e-Commerce that deals with ajax product sorting. The short story is that if you use the drag and drop sorting of products while viewing all categories you’re screwed. Yeah that’s right you’ll get duplicate products and not all of the products will show up.…

  • WP e-Commerce – A Theme Developers Nightmare

    update: WP eCommerce has updated to 3.8 which makes things much better. Still a few template issues but we’re on the right track. I’ll certainly try to update with thoughts on the update. This week I’ve worked on 3 different e-commerce projects. Two worked with WP e-Commerce and one with Shopp. Admitely the Shopp work…

  • A Clean WP e-Commerce Theme

    If you’ve ever worked with WP e-Commerce themes you know the code is pretty terrible. Not only can you not include the template files in your normal WordPress theme and have them work, the code is duplicated all over the place. Want to change the purchase button? Well you need to edit single_product.php, product_list.php, list_view.php…