• A List Apart – Summer Reading List

    Oh my goodness is my Instapaper queue so full now between this and the product link I posted earlier.

  • Supercharge Evernote with Context Booster

    This looks awesome to help supercharge your Evernote notes.

  • We are all Sales people

    Great post from Brian about being a sales person. If you’re freelancing you are not really a developer you are in sales. If you can’t sell yourself then you simply won’t have a business anymore.

  • The Freelancer’s Show 066

    We had an awesome discussion about marketing your business in ways that others just aren’t. How about hand writing a note, sending clients a gift at the end of a project… Lots of awesome ideas.

  • Have a Better Monday

    Carrie has a great post about how to have a great Monday next week. My top tip is to not check my email. I decide Friday what I’m going to do Monday till noon and that is what I do. Way to easy to get bogged down with things that just aren’t important.

  • Freelancer’s Show 65

    I’m a regular now so expect a link to each episode. In this episode we talked about what you do when a client decides on a pet technology without having any idea if it’s the best option for their products/sites.

  • WordPress and Business on Matt Report

    100000% worth your time.

  • Again, Take a Break or Burnout

    Certainly not the first time I’ve mentioned the need to take a break and risking burnout but here is another note. I once knew a pro triathlete who I came to coach who decided to skip recovery weeks and press on regardless of how tired he was. He was never the same again. Overtraining took…

  • Editing Code on the iPad

    Panic released Coda 2 (AppStore) and Diet Coda (AppStore) recently. Coda 2 will replace Coda 1 for me, it’s my cowboy coding (live on the server) tool and nothing is even close for that task. Probably more intriguing is Diet Coda though. On my ride to Seattle I left the laptop (13″ MBP) since carrying…