If you’re not telling people about your business, no one is. You need to be content marketing to bring people into your sphere of influence so you can win work. This list is what you need to know to start knocking your content marketing efforts out of the park.

Perennial Seller

Okay, this isn’t specifically about content marketing, but it’s the best book I’ve read on how to build something that lasts. If you want to build a site and content strategy that lasts, you need to dig into Perennial Seller. It’s going to give you great advice so you don’t just dash off a bunch of crap. Instead, focus on building awesome content because it will stand the test of time.

Master Content Marketing

This was written by a 30 year veteran in the marketing space. Pamela Wilson provides us with a system to use to generate good content that will be seen as awesome by our readers and search engines.

What I’ve Written on Blogging and Content Marketing