I’ve written more than once about the woes of RadioShack Nissan Trek. Ultimately it has seemed that there really aren’t any adults on the team. Adults do things like talk to those they have issues with, instead of running to the media to tell about their issues.

Well it does seem like they have an adult, named Jens Voigt.

“Sometimes I’m surprised what’s in the press and how it gets there, which is not good,” he said. “I don’t think I hurt anybody, or my team, when I say we would like to have it a little smoother. So, we shouldn’t have so many discussions about different things within the press, you know? We can do it in the team and clear things out there.”

Every time I hear Jens open his mouth (or read a quote) I’m continually impressed. He calls all his teammates (and his team manager) out for acting like children, but does it the way a great father would do.

I still wonder how RNST will survive in to next year. Last year we saw Columbia Highroad disappear (as the team with the most wins on the year) due to sponsorship issues. I can’t imagine that sponsors are happy with how the team acts with the media. I know I wouldn’t be.