It’s time for the first income report for 2013. If you’re not familiar with my goals, here they are. One thing you notice is that I never state what I made in 2012. So sure I’m shooting for $100k but if I did $98k the year previous, it’s a reasonably easy goal.

So here it is, in 2012 I earned about $45k. Yes that means I’m looking to more than double my income. Let’s see how we did in January.

January Income

These are all before taxes and fees. So each book sale looses a portion to Stripe or PayPal. Most clients pay online so that means 99% of the income looses the fees.

  • Clients: 11731.91
  • Other: 7.80
  • Book: 882.19
  • Total: 12621.90

I think the clients category is pretty obvious. That’s what I got in finished projects or for deposit. There is a small amount (under $1000) outstanding from a long term client that pays so it should be in early in February.

This month the ‘other’ category is a single Gravity Forms affiliate payment. I don’t push them at all (affiliate sales) so I have always just considered it bonus money when they happen.

The final category is all about the WordPress Development book I wrote. I figure I spent at least 100 hours on it. I paid for editing (around $200) so I’ve got about $600 out of the book (minus fees). So no it’s not a huge money maker. I’ve got something to learn about marketing products. It sure has been nice to play with my daughter all weekend and see payments come through. Who doesn’t want to make money when they’re not working.

Where I stand

So I obviously hit the income goal for the month (which is just over $8k) but I fell short on earning income from other sources, like the book. I’m not disappointed though.

For me the book is a step towards a number of other items. My site traffic has been up dramatically since I launched my book. That is a good thing since a bigger audience means I have a higher likelihood of selling the next product later this year.

Looking ahead

February is going well, setting pace to be better than January.

Are you hitting your goals?

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  1. Jonathan Avatar

    Thanks for posting this and for being so transparent. This really inspires me!