I've Got Autopilot

Happy 2015 to ya. No need to sleep in today, since I did not stay up late enough to welcome in the New Year. That could be a sign I’m old -- or that I have an 11-month-old and a 4-year-old who are up at 7 a.m., no matter my schedule.

You decide.

Today we’re going to talk about another aspect of you not being me and me not being you. So far this week we’ve covered:

Let’s start with a bit of a story.

A while ago an awesome student of mine named Dave asked how I write so much and do client work and…I mean he gets themes out the door but they require a bunch of work each time.

I write complex code for membership sites over at SFNdesign and ship stuff all the time.

My secret, Dave, is autopilot.

The great all-singing and dancing computer...autopilot

Here’s the thing to remember: I’ve been building stuff in WordPress full-time for 6 years. When I need to research something, my research consists of looking up the exact function name I’m thinking of.

When I’m doing something really hard and end up on Stackexchange I don’t need to read through the whole long description of why the code works; I can usually just scan the code quickly and see the key part I need to solve my problem.

My point is, I typically don’t have to think too hard when writing complex code because I’ve been doing it a while.

Much of my code writing is now on autopilot.

My new focus

Since code-writing requires less focus, I can now focus more on running a business.

Maybe it's the other way around for you -- you have run 5 businesses and this is your first foray into WordPress or software, so all your business stuff is on autopilot and you’re working hard on the code.

Whatever form it takes, we’ve all got something on autopilot, right? It’s doubtful that people on the outside looking into our businesses know what we have on autopilot, so they think we’re super amazing superheroes (that’s a lot of super).

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Keep this in mind when you look at the ‘greats’ that you look up to. Pay attention to how long it's taken them to get good at what they do, and remember they too have huge portions of their business on autopilot.

Keep following them, reading what they write, and doing your own research. Keep at it and you'll have parts of your business on autopilot too.

photo credit: eugenephoen cc