From Greg:

Following yesterday’s meagre offering following 18 months of development, the time has come. The iPad sucks now, and that’s a real shame.

Much like Greg, I used to be the guy that raved about the iPad all the time. I even spent months using a 10” iPad Pro as my main coding machine. Also like Greg, I use my iPad less now than I used to.

iPadOS 16.1 drops soon, and I barely even care. The only feature I think was worthwhile was proper second screen support. That isn’t coming until “sometime” later. Stage Manager on the 12.9” screen is there, but the UI takes up so much extra room that it’s a waste.

The real benefit in terms of function with iPadOS 16 was I could have 2 entirely different applications open with large viewing areas. You can see some of the configurations that proper second screen support enabled in this video I did.

None of those are available now. At some point the iPad will start to be more useful again. At this point I just feel like someone stole my toy when Apple took away proper second screen support.

2 responses to “I Agree, The iPad Kind of Sucks”

  1. Chris Wiegman Avatar

    I feel like iPad has always been in this “not quite ready” phase. I’ve started using my 12.9″ pro for writing, which was more than I could do in the past, but there are so many things I still can’t do with it and that is frustrating to me.

    1. Curtis McHale Avatar
      Curtis McHale

      It shines as a writing and research device for me. I also love it for working with images and any type of drawing. Much past that the software still needs work.