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Bigger Ideas

Platform agnostic ideas that may help your PKM process. They may feature a software, but I think they apply to more than a single platform.

Matt has some love for Readwise Reader. (web)

Brandon reviews the reMarkable Folio. (youtube)

The OP is struggling with putting so much time into creating their brand on Twitter that they’re not taking notes. (reddit) Seems short sighted to me as Twitter seems to be imploding, at least in tech circles, and if you don’t have long-term thoughts you really don’t have a long-term brand.

Do PKM apps lead to data hoarding? (reddit)

How should you do collaborative research? (reddit)

The hidden dangers of journaling. (youtube) Don’t focus on the negatives alone.

The best way to remember what you’re learning. (reddit) I agree with the first answer, teach it.

Do you find yourself avoiding reading when you can’t take notes? (reddit) I just carry some sticky notes and a pen with me all the time. If I’m in my house I take my book and a notebook with me. The only reason to not take notes is because you planned poorly.

Florian talks about their journey in note-taking. (medium)

Dump, Lump, Jump to turn ideas into action. (youtube)

Something Interesting

Because we’re all looking to expand our minds a bit.

I wrote a few pieces about creativity.

  1. When the media “demands” our attention and that’s a barrier to creativity
  2. It’s okay to be bad at things – to be creative
  3. It’s okay to not be creative

We won’t raise our kids in suburbia. (youtube)

All data is health data. (web)


So the Bear 2 iOS beta may be coming soon? (forum) From the comments in the forum a number of people aren’t happy with the development of Bear 1 being left in the cold for so long.

How to do timeblocking in NotePlan. (youtube)

Long thread on a note app that has embedded media players. (reddit)

The OP here has a big ask for a single note app to fill. (reddit) The want hand drawn notes, linking, not Saas. Tools like Obsidian have seemed to slow with big notes.


Some Craft tips on progress bars and two other neat tips. (youtube)

Yeah these do seem like odd distracting gradients in Craft Dark Mode. (reddit)


I gave a tour of the Novel Word Count Plugin. (web/youtube)

Actions for Obsidian is out now for macOS. (reddit) This has been on my list to look at, but as I also have a Fedora laptop in my life I may focus on automation that is cross-platform instead.

A question on syncing your vault via Dropbox. (reddit) I use Obsidian sync. It’s ongoing support for the devs and has always been rock solid.

Vicky talks about the power of graph view. (youtube)

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