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Getting Started with Obsidian Course

Getting Started with Obsidian

If you want to learn your way around Obsidian so that you can build a great note system then this course is for you. I’ll cover basic folder structure, when to use tags or links, and the plugins I think everyone needs to make their Obsidian experience excellent. Plus much more. If you want all my coursesbecome a member.

$99 USD (30-day guarantee)

  • Shiftscreen – Best iPad Monitor Experience

    Yes the M1 iPad Pro has a bunch of power, but it also has some major limitations enforced by iPadOS. The biggest oversight is the lack of a decent second screen experience for those that want to use their iPad Pro at a desk with a 2nd monitor. Here is where ShiftScreen 4 comes into […]

  • 11 iPadOS Secret Tips

    iPadOS 15 brought us a bunch of well-known features, like Focus Modes, but there were also a bunch of hidden tidbits. Today we’ll talk about those excellent small enhancements that I come to love.

  • 14 Awesome Safari Extensions for iOS 15

    iOS 15 brought us a feature that felt like a bit of a sleeper for me, Safari extensions. I didn’t even realize it existed until after the official release dropped, and now I have lots of Safari extensions running all the time. These help supercharge iOS Safari, just like extensions do on desktop browsers. To […]

  • What’s on my iPad Pro 2021 Edition

    I always find it interesting to look at what applications others are using with their devices as I almost always find some app that looks interesting for me to add to my workflow. Today we’re going to go over the applications I use on my iPad to get work done. Notes and Research This year […]

  • 2018, 2020 or M1 – Which iPad Pro Should You Purchase?

    I’ve been using the iPad as a main device since I purchased a 9″ iPad Pro but my 2018 12.9″ iPad Pro really locked in my love of iPad as my main computer. The iPad Pro is not a cheap computer though. Today we’re going to compare my 2018 iPad Pro with the M1 iPad […]

  • Setting my iPad Up for Focused Work

    This is not going to be about the applications on my iPad, that video is coming. Today I’m going to talk about how I set my iPad up to help me focus. Much like others have suggested I love working on my iPad Pro because of how it lets me focus on a single task […]

  • Awesome iPadOS 15 Features

    iPadOS 15 dropped recently and there is always a bunch of hype around features in a new operating system. Sometimes the hype doesn’t live up once you start using it though. Today I’m going to talk about the features that I actually use in iPadOS 15 after a summer on the beta program. Live Text […]

  • iPadOS 15 Bugs

    Safari While many people have lamented the tab design in Safari, that doesn’t bug me at all. I’m as happy with the new look of Safari as I am with the look of any web browser. It’s closing multiple tabs with touch that has my knickers in a knot. For some reason when you enter […]

  • Paperlike V2 vs JETech Write Like Paper screen protector shootout

    I’ve used Paperlike screen protectors for every iPad Pro I’ve owned starting with the first generation 9.7″ iPad Pro. But Paperlike is one of the most expensive screen protectors out there so for my M1 iPad Pro I decided to look at alternatives and landed on the JETech Write Like Paper Screen Protector. But Don’t […]

  • 2 Months with M1 iPad Pro – Did my Usage Change?

    For a long time I was using my iPad Pro 12.9″ 2018 as my daily driver computer. I coded on it, I wrote on it, and sometimes wouldn’t turn my laptop on for a week. Then I stopped using it as much for coding work, but let’s take a look at if the M1 iPad […]