Why Use WordPress for your Business

Yes, there are lots of CMS options out there and while some may suit different needs, there is currently a clear champion and it’s name is WordPress. Over my 10+ years building sites I’ve worked with a huge variety of businesses and for all of them we’ve turned I to WordPress. I’ve helped people sell […]

It’s sad when the ability to dream dies

I was filling up propane for BBQ season, yes some of you Americans will call it grilling, and the lady whom I paid laughed at my shirt. At first I thought it was because it’s got more than a few visible holes in it, but that wasn’t it. She made a mistake as she read […]

Are You Willing To Do The Work Needed to Be Successful?

We all have dreams of the products we’ll launch to wild fanfare. We will write it, and they will come…or not. Many people enjoy doing the work to build something, and then they want to be done. They don’t want to do the marketing needed. They want to send off their work into the world […]

Professional Jobs are Less Secure Than Everyone Told Us

According to Global News, spending a bunch of time in University or College, then doing a bunch of low paid/maybe unpaid internship work will not mean that you get the reward you were promised. Whether you are a teacher, an engineer, or social worker, it doesn’t matter you’re more likely to be a contract worker […]

When Do You Charge for Calls as a Freelancer?

I was talking with a group of freelancer’s recently and the question came up of when to charge for calls, and how much to charge for them. Some people always charged for calls, while some never did. Some people had a 30 minute consult for free and charged for the next call. Some people did […]

Follow Your Passion…and Buy My $4000 Bullshit Course to Find Out How

While I don’t follow social media much anymore, it seems that any time I dip in the best latest article that people are sharing is some guru writing about how you need to follow you passion. They tell you that once they started to just do what they wanted, the money came rolling in. Of […]

What I Want in Invoicing – yup it’s a pipe dream

I’ve been looking at freelance invoicing and billing software again after about three years with 17Hats. I’ll be digging into options for the next number of weeks seeing if I can find exactly what I want. Of course, that means first I need to define what I want. Solve a problem I’ve said a few […]

An awesome business is the product of hard work and sweat

The difference between a great work and an idea for a great work is all the sweat, time, effort, and agony that go into engaging that idea and turning it into something real. The difference is not trivial. If great work were easy to produce, a lot more people would do it. – Perennial Seller […]

What is the most in demand freelance skill that will remain in demand?

So you’re looking at freelancing and want to know what the most in demand freelance skill is. I get it. You want to do something that people will find valuable and continue to find valuable. Something that will last for years so you can become a specialist and charge well. PHP is quite popular and […]

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