Act like the expert you are

Stop right now and ask yourself a question: Why on earth do your clients hire you instead of the next person? Really, why do they hire you? Have you specialized? I wrote about how important specialization is in my series on Becoming a 6 Figure Freelancer. You need to do it to really run a […]

Projects That Don’t Launch

A few weeks ago, I wrote about shipping. Actually delivering finished work to clients is 1000000% more important than using the latest cool thing if you want to have a solid business and good referrals. Long projects zap morale. The longer it takes to develop, the less likely it is to launch. – Rework That ‘awesome’ […]

Double Your Freelancing Rate 2 is out

I don’t often post twice in a day but Double Your Freelancing Rate 2 is out. The first version was where I started when I wanted to charge more. Brennan is awesome and today it’s 20% off all packages. If you want the video interview with me then you’ll need to get one of the […]

If it’s all important nothing is important

When I worked in-house last, there was a problem. It’s not something big and shady behind the scenes, like embezzling. No one was stealing as far as I know. The problem was that the leadership said things were important, then never followed that important up with resources. Sure I had a 1 year old iMac […]

Forget about the trenches and ruin your team

One of the things I look forward to as I hire people and start building a bit of a team is not being in the trenches daily. A good business owner should be stepping back to work on the business. That’s how you’re going to keep all those peope employed. There is some danger in […]

So you’re having trouble with contractors, it’s probably your fault

My friend Angie asked freelancers/business owners what their biggest struggle was. One of the issues that came up a few times was finding reliable contractors for projects. I get it, I’ve struggled with contractors as well which has been a solid portion my own poor management. The fact that someone got on your team who […]

Identify your core business strengths or be ready to be overwhelmed

What are you highest payoff activities? What is it in your business that you do that earns you the most money? What is it that only you can do? What is actually important and not just urgent? In The Virtual Assistant Solution, Micheal Hyatt quite quickly asks these questions while he defines 6 steps to […]

Have you set up sub-contractors for failure?

I’ve tried to hire out work a number of times and it’s really been a 50/50 split about it going well. Even many of the jobs that have gone well haven’t truly lived up to my expectations 100%. As usual the problem is me. I used to think as a young leader that I was […]

Extra project pricing considerations

The thing that really used to kill me on flat rate projects was project management time. One client would take little hand holding, but I’d have charged a lot. Then the next client would want me on the phone daily and I’d have charged too little. It seemed like something I almost never got right. […]

Answering Questions about Weekly Pricing

Yesterday I talked about how I think you should price your services. Weekly pricing rocks and long ago I wrote about why it rocks. On episode 97 of the Freelancer’s Show I answered question on weekly pricing from my co-hosts. I think that you should go listen to the episode but I’m going to hit […]

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