Losing Money with Honesty (it’s a trick)

On a recent client project we had booked in a bunch of work to add ‘reordering’ to WooCommerce. Some of you are thinking: Hey there is already a function for that, so why would I charge a client for that work? Well I had looked at this before and either hadn’t found the code or […]

Clients treat you poorly because of your boundaries

Boundaries are a fairly simple thing really. They mark out where our property begins and someone else’s property ends. We have personal space boundaries that are allowably encroached by loved ones and strongly enforced with those we don’t know. We should also be setting strong boundaries with clients. Not only in when they can communicate […]

Are you asking yourself these 3 questions before you write an estimate?

To get work you need to send out estimates. Good ones should take a fair bit of time to get right. How do you structure your estimates though? How do you make them something that ‘sells’ the clients on your services? How do you make sure that you’ve covered the real needs of the clients, […]

No I haven’t built ‘exactly’ your solution before, sort of

If you haven’t heard it yet you’re going to hear it: We like you and are impressed with your portfolio, but we don’t see something exactly like what we want to do so we want to talk more about it. You know that you’re right. I haven’t built exactly your system before. And it doesn’t […]

Why I don’t throw things in, and you shouldn’t either

I know you’re expecting to read about how clients asking you to throw features in devalues your work. It shows you that they don’t value you and it’s a red flag about working with them, because there is always going to be one more thing that should get ‘thrown in’. You expect me to tell […]

You shouldn’t build ‘neat’ sites

I’ve heard it and you’ve heard it. Actually, we’ve probably both said it. Ooooooohhhhh we should do that…it would be a ‘neat’ feature on the site. Really, I know I’ve said it and so have you. But it’s totally wrong. You shouldn’t add that ’neat’ feature because your client or you want it. NEAT is […]

How much do you follow up with clients?

Client work is what really pays my bills. Not the business book I wrote or the WordPress book, though they add a bit to the bottom line. Since it’s client work that pays the bills, I need to keep in touch with possible leads and older, awesome clients. Following up on possible projects I know […]

When business is hard – Lean In

Once I was on a group ride and we were racing down a mountain. Speeds hit between 60km and 70km an hour as we worked to see who was the fastest. We had a ‘newer’ rider with us as well and as we started to get close to 70km his bike started to wobble. Then […]

When Consulting Sucks, stop your whining

Louis CK has a great bit about technology. Take a second and watch it, then read on. My takeaway line is: Like how quickly the guy thinks the world owes him something he knew existed only 10 seconds ago. I can so easily fall in to the same state of apathy when running my business. […]

When you say YES to work what does it really mean

I’ve previously written about the importance of NO and how it’s one of the most important productivity and business tools you have. There is a bit more to it than I talked about before if we look at your YES or at least what your YES should be. Looking at your YES First we need […]

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