How Does Distracted Parenting Affect Kids

In this interesting article from The Atlantic, we find that it’s a big deal to have our interactions with our children interrupted by notifications. Based on the title, and my own thoughts, this was the outcome I expected from the article. It does drive home how pronounced the affect is, particularly in younger children. We’re […]

On Baby Changing Areas in a Men’s Bathroom

This article from Hugh Wilson reminded me of my similar battles. The worst was the kids store that had a men’s bathroom, no family bathroom and no changing space in the men’s bathroom. Oh, and you couldn’t fit a stroller between the racks of clothes in the store either. For that store, it certainly seemed […]

Should we revamp work day to match school days?

They at least start to ask that question well here. But then they fail by saying that we should be moving a school day to work with a work day. We should be moving a work day to align with what we have for a school day now. We work way too many hours as […]

Work, family or social life

From Austin Kleon: Work, children, or a social life. You may pick two at a time. (Nobody wants to hear this.) I choose work and family. My only social life currently is the runs that one or two people want to come on. That has meant large numbers of friends I no longer hang out […]

2 More Examples of Dad’s on the Outside

A few weekends back my wife was travelling and I was the only parent for 5 days. A few disappointing things happened/occurred to me. People said ‘How will Daddy Survive’ Possibly the most annoying thing I heard from others was the question “How are you going to survive without Mommy around to watch her.” My […]

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