What is a parent’s Job?

The last two weeks my oldest has been late to school at least once. It’s a big event for her because she hates being late, but then she’s slow as molasses (like most kids) when it comes to getting ready. Today’s video is about how I let her have a problem because this is the […]

Hustling in Seasons and Being Dad

Much is said about hustle, or the lack thereof. Today I want to remind you that if you want different results than you have now, you’re going to have to change something. If you want something to blow up, you’re going to have to put the work in. Casey on Hustle: https://youtu.be/1YzwjfwNeEg Last weeks video […]

Cutting kid device time

In this great article on letting kids be bored here is one highlight. When not being uberparented, kids today are left to their own devices — their own digital devices, that is. Parents preparing for a long car ride or airplane trip are like Army officers plotting a complicated land maneuver. Which movies to load […]

How Does Distracted Parenting Affect Kids

In this interesting article from The Atlantic, we find that it’s a big deal to have our interactions with our children interrupted by notifications. Based on the title, and my own thoughts, this was the outcome I expected from the article. It does drive home how pronounced the affect is, particularly in younger children. We’re […]

On Baby Changing Areas in a Men’s Bathroom

This article from Hugh Wilson reminded me of my similar battles. The worst was the kids store that had a men’s bathroom, no family bathroom and no changing space in the men’s bathroom. Oh, and you couldn’t fit a stroller between the racks of clothes in the store either. For that store, it certainly seemed […]

Should we revamp work day to match school days?

They at least start to ask that question well here. But then they fail by saying that we should be moving a school day to work with a work day. We should be moving a work day to align with what we have for a school day now. We work way too many hours as […]

Work, family or social life

From Austin Kleon: Work, children, or a social life. You may pick two at a time. (Nobody wants to hear this.) I choose work and family. My only social life currently is the runs that one or two people want to come on. That has meant large numbers of friends I no longer hang out […]

2 More Examples of Dad’s on the Outside

A few weekends back my wife was travelling and I was the only parent for 5 days. A few disappointing things happened/occurred to me. People said ‘How will Daddy Survive’ Possibly the most annoying thing I heard from others was the question “How are you going to survive without Mommy around to watch her.” My […]

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