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  • The Gray Man

    This was a fun action flick and man does Chris Evans play an excellent villain. I hope we see another instalment. You can find it on Netflix in Canada, and since it’s a Netflix property you can probably find it there in other places as well.

  • Sell Your Online Course

    Sell Your Online Course

    Today is the final part in my series about building and selling an online course. This video will cover the marketing aspects of having a sucessful online course. You can find links to my other posts at Paid Memberships Pro below. Deciding What to Teach Choosing the Right Course Delivery Method Editing Your Video Course

  • My YouTube Planning and Publishing Workflow

    My YouTube Planning and Publishing Workflow

    I’ve had a few people ask about my YouTube video workflow so today’s the day I’ll share it with you.

  • Book Haul December 2020

    Book Haul December 2020

    It’s been a while since I’ve done a book haul and the pile was getting huge so let’s look at the books that have been added to my library over the last couple months. – Subprime Attention Crisis: [Independent Bookstore]( | [Amazon]( – Pick Your Poison: [Independent Bookstore]( | [Amazon]( – Junkyard Planet: [Independent Bookstore](…

  • Adding a Picture Ledge to My Office

    I needed some room on my bookshelves to fit more books which meant I needed to get some of my toys off the top shelf. I took a 1X3, 1X6, and 1X2 and turned them into a picture ledge.

  • Peter McKinnon Pursue What Interests You

    Don’t be afraid to pursue what interests you. I always think that a good thing to remember is that: Just because you became known for one thing doesn’t mean you have to always fill that role. I used to write mostly about freelance, now it’s way more about iPad stuff and some productivity. In the…

  • What’s New in Things 3.11 for iPadOS and iOS

    What’s New in Things 3.11 for iPadOS and iOS

    One of my favourite features in Things 3 is the Quick Find box that’s available by typing literally anywhere in the app. I use it almost every time I’m in Things to find the tasks or projects I’m looking for. Well Cultured Code has updated the Quick Find box with some more power features. Watch…

  • Every Time I Open WordPress I Feel a Bit More Dead Inside

    If you have any Yoast product and signed into the WordPress admin in the last few days I’m sure you know that they were having a Black Friday sale. How do you know this…because they added a stupid huge banner to your site that told you on every page. Are you kidding me @yoast? An…

  • Make a $40 Video Key Light

    Make a $40 Video Key Light

    Have you ever wanted to improve your lighting for YouTube but balked at the price of “entry” level lights? Today I’m going to show you what you can achieve with about $40 to build a light. Links Bowl: LED strip: Neewer diffusion fabric: Small Rig Clamps: Small Rig Arm: My…

  • Surge 3D Headphones Do They Make iPadOS Calls Better?

    Surge 3D Headphones Do They Make iPadOS Calls Better?

    Many months ago I was listening to MacBreak Weekly and Alex Lindsey recommended a set of headphones that he loved. They had proper surround sound and the big selling feature for me was the fact that they had mic that you could plug in to the headset and you’d get decent sound. Those headphones were…