Freelance Friday 040 – Feb 1 2019

This week was a busy one. The in-laws were out and I had 4 writing projects to get in along with calls for a content client to get to know their customers. I took the week mostly off running after a long hard weekend of activity and knowing that Monday is my birthday so I […]

Should I Read It 028 – Story Driven by Bernadette Jiwa

Story Driven by Bernadette Jiwa is all about helping you tell your unique story in a way that stays true to who you are. Purchase Story Driven on Amazon Written review of Story Driven by Bernadette Jiwa If you’ve been struggling with focus, then my next book The Art of Focus is for you. In […]

Goodbye Facebook Pixel

I said yesterday that I didn’t care about Facebook enough to change my sharing so I’d be saying goodbye to it. Today I realised I’ve been using the Facebook Pixel on people and that needs to stop. Goodbye Facebook Pixel I never used you for ads anyway and you just slowed down my site and […]

I’ve got a new podcast and I need your help

I know that some of you have been reading my book reviews. A few of you have even sent me books to read as a gift because you wanted me to dig into it. Well thanks for all of that. As of today I’ve got a new podcast called Should I Read It. This is […]

What’s on My Desk Mobile Edition

I have two modes of work. Every morning I head out to a local coffee shop and read then write. This is my mobile office and 90% of my writing happens in a coffee shop. So let’s look at my mobile office1. 1. iPad Pro 9.7 This is my third iPad. My first was an […]

Scott’s Best Reading of 2017

I’m a reader, and that shouldn’t surprise you. My friend Scott published his list of the best things he’s read in 2017. I also read Perennial Seller1, and The ONE Thing2 in 2017 and concur, they are must read books. The rest of his list is new to me, but is now on my list […]

Ask Better Questions

Very interesting podcast about asking better questions. One cool note is that the guest uses a system just like my Mullet Method Of Deep Work. I’d love to hear from more people about heir use of a similar system. Listen and learn about questions

Do you step forward and do something or tweet about it?

Short thoughtful post from Patrick Rhone about doing stuff instead of just watching it happen. They didn’t have to do that. It wasn’t their responsibility. Though it was a pain in the ass, the employees would have taken care of it. The women could have just minded their own mess. Go read it

Reading for November 2017

We’re trying something a bit new. I read a bunch so on the last Saturday of a month I’ll bundle up the best stuff along with a short summary on why you should read it too. If you don’t like it let me know. If you do like it let me know. I’ll do it […]

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