Throw Hope out the window – Start 2015 with a plan

Today I’m excited to offer you the opportunity to work with me personally to ensure you start your 2015 off right. Last week I talked about the three areas you’ve got to get right when you’re starting your business. These are also the three areas MOST freelancers or small teams get it wrong. You’re stuck […]

September Reading

This September was a lot of fiction and a bit of self-improvement/interesting f reading. As always, jump to the bottoms for links to my other monthly reading posts. Blink By the well known Malcolm Gladwell, Blink is about our powers of rapid cognition, or how we make snap judgments. This is my second read and […]

This is the worst thing that could happen

What’s the worst thing that could realistically happen if no more clients wanted to talk to you? Note above I said realistically so we’re already throwing out all the invented scenarios around becoming destitute and living in a cardboard box for the rest of your life. The worst thing that could happen if no more […]

August Reading

It’s time for the recap of my reading in August. I’ve been really into fiction lately so there are 3 Omnibus books and only 2 business books (yeah that’s still like 10 books total in August). If you want to see some of the other installments in my monthly reading scroll to the end of […]

Yes you can dishwash a keyboard, here’s how

Today we’re going to deviate a bit from the regular business topics and talk about cleaning your keyboard. All prompted by a single photo on Twitter. Getting clean — curtismchale (@curtismchale) August 6, 2014 That is a Kinesis Freestyle V1 keyboard (which I reviewed) in the top rack of my empty dishwasher. Keyboards are […]

I was a guest on Genesis Office Hours

The awesome Carrie Dils runs the Genesis Office hours podcast and I was lucky enough to be asked to be a guest along with Angie Meeker. We talked about how many WordPress people are just ‘building stuff’ for clients not focusing on actually solving real business problems for them. Go listen to the episode.

Round Tripping to BeachPress mostly via bike

For me, BeachPress started 2 days early with travel. If you’re less interested in the cycling and travel portions and just want what I thought of BeachPress – read this post instead After a standard Friday morning involving my Mastermind Group and some extra family hang out time I loaded up my bike with my […]

What about good WordPress podcasts

A while ago I wrote about the podcasts I think you must listen to. Out of that came a question: What about WordPress podcasts? Yes, I do listen to WordPress podcasts, just not very many of them. I actually subscribe to every consistent one out there. They simply are rarely worth the time spent listening. […]

What on Earth is BeachPress good for?

I’m sitting here, on the third morning of BeachPress, with someone making breakfast for the group. Not much talking is going on as some code, some read, and some just drink enough coffee so they can feel sane. Looking at the group right now, one may wonder what the value of BeachPress is? I mean […]

The Podcasts I Think You MUST Listen To

For a while now, I’ve been finding that the highest value content I consume most weeks is from podcasts or whichever book I’m currently reading. After mentioning that a few times in Hipchat and on Twitter my friend Jared asked me what my favorite podcasts were. Sure, blogs can be great (heck I write one) […]

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