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  • Scott’s Best Reading of 2017

    I’m a reader, and that shouldn’t surprise you. My friend Scott published his list of the best things he’s read in 2017. I also read Perennial Seller1, and The ONE Thing2 in 2017 and concur, they are must read books. The rest of his list is new to me, but is now on my list […]

  • Ask Better Questions

    Very interesting podcast about asking better questions. One cool note is that the guest uses a system just like my Mullet Method Of Deep Work. I’d love to hear from more people about heir use of a similar system. Listen and learn about questions

  • Do you step forward and do something or tweet about it?

    Short thoughtful post from Patrick Rhone about doing stuff instead of just watching it happen. They didn’t have to do that. It wasn’t their responsibility. Though it was a pain in the ass, the employees would have taken care of it. The women could have just minded their own mess. Go read it

  • Reading for November 2017

    Reading for November 2017

    We’re trying something a bit new. I read a bunch so on the last Saturday of a month I’ll bundle up the best stuff along with a short summary on why you should read it too. If you don’t like it let me know. If you do like it let me know. I’ll do it…

  • Money’s Choke Hold

    Money’s Choke Hold

    Change is challenging enough to navigate without financial pressures. With them, it places a choke hold on your creativity and your options –Pivot I know you want to change. You want to move from your job to that business you’ve always dreamed of. I know that you want to pivot your niche to something new.…

  • This is not a mistake, it’s a change

    This is not a mistake, it’s a change

    There is no mistake today, there is no blog post. While I did not love the book Pivot (my review will come out in a bit) one great idea in it was to run pilots. For a while now I’ve looked at my content and wondered if I would read it. I make a point…

  • The ways you let communication ruin your life

    The ways you let communication ruin your life

    The online world is amazing. Every week we get new awesome tools that can make our lives better. From dropping email and using instant communication methods like Slack, to automating parts of our lives with services like Zapier. There is so much to be thankful for and amazed by online. There is also a subtle…

  • Learning to Flow between questioning methods with clients

    We’ve spent the month talking about questions to ask clients and how to ask them. One thing to remember is that you don’t just use one method for the whole call, that’s going to sound wooden. Use all of them and learn to flow between them. Maybe start with the 5 Why’s and then when…

  • Writing Proposals that Win Work on Sale

    I’m happy to announce that earlier this morning my latest book Writing Proposals that Win Work went on sale. Stop wasting your time writing proposals and getting rejections. Start building that relationship of trust and learning to sell based on your value not your effort. Get Write Proposals that Win Work NOW! $25.97

  • June 2015 Reading

    June 2015 Reading

    Making Ideas Happen Get Making Ideas Happen on Get Making Ideas Happen on We all have ideas, right? Some of them are good, and others merely part of a dream that’s forgotten with the first coffee of the day. The thing that differentiates successful people from the unsuccessful is not that successful people…