Launching SFNdesign’s Agency Site

My business has always been called SFNdesign I’ve just operated and ‘pushed’ my own name. Later this year I’ll have to incorporate and really I want to move the business to something bigger. You know, a few employees and some larger projects. So I’ve finally finished off If you’re looking to hire me for¬†WordPress […]

What I read – March 2014

This is my first instalment in a monthly series recapping the books I’ve read in a month. Today you’re looking at the books I finished in March. It’s likely to mostly be business books but do expect some fiction, parenting and marriage stuff as well. Yes most of the links are going to be affiliate […]

Monthly reading recap

I’m starting a monthly post about the books I’ve read that month. If you didn’t know it already I read a lot. My family doesn’t watch TV during the week days and even when we put a movie on over the weekend it’s not uncommon for me to read anyway. I certainly read through the […]

Business Backstop

You may remember that I wrote about most people pulling all nighters just being idiots. I had a bit of feedback on that saying it just happens sometimes, which I totally agree with. Having a sick kid during the day may mean you have to make time up during the night. Having a bunch of […]

Bit of a Format Change

There is going to be a slight format change around here. For a while now I’ve been writing pretty much every week day and while I loved it I’ve been getting some feedback about the content which I’d like to take to heart. I’ve heard a few times that many of the posts I write […]

Mastermind Webinar Audio

A few weeks back I was asked to do a webinar by Cory Miller on Masterminds. The audio is now up for you to download and get some more information on what I think about Mastermind groups.

Bit of my blogging history

Brian and I had an exchange about our blogging histories. I figured that I’d round up some stats about my personal writing. This site (personal) My first blog post on this site was August 8 2008. It was a giveaway of some free Photoshop brushes. Since then I’ve written 664 posts. My 664 posts are […]

Ideas beget Ideas

A few weeks ago I launched a book that really just crept up on me. I wasn’t planning on writing it really my WordCamp Vancouver presentation script turned in to 16k words in the blink of an eye. And I had a book. I really had no further plans to talk about business or release […]

WordCamp Vancouver 2013 Slides

I had a blast (and yes I’m still recovering Monday morning). My presentation was a bunch of the content from my book called “Don’t be an Idiot: Learn to run a viable business“. Here are the slides and I’ll post the video here when it gets up on

Join me for a Webinar on Mastermind Groups

After interviewing Cory Miller for my book he got in touch with me to see if I was willing to talk about the Mastermind Group I started. Of course I want to help people start their own and do better with their business. If you want to join me then you need to register. The […]