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  • April 2015 Reading

    April 2015 Reading

    Wow — I only read one book this month. That’s a great indication of how busy I’ve been this month at home. Very busy. 1. Race Against the Machine Get Race Against the Machine on Amazon. Race Against the Machine, by authors Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee, is a book that explores how the increasing power […]

  • March 2015 Reading

    March 2015 Reading

    Today’s post is my monthly reading wrap-up. Here are my thoughts on the books I read in March. Enjoy. 1. The Dragon’s Path Get The Dragon’s Path on Amazon. This book was actually a surprise for me since it was included at the end of Leviathan Wakes. And a good surprise, too, since this is…

  • January 2015 Reading List

    January 2015 Reading List

    1. Kutath Get Kutath on Amazon. This was the first book I finished in 2015, and I finished it on January 1st. No, I didn’t read 99% of it in 2014 and wait until January 1 to finish it — I actually read 80% of it on January 1 because I spent the whole day…

  • My 2014 Tools and What’s New in 2015

    My 2014 Tools and What’s New in 2015

    This week we’re going to take a look at the tools I used in 2014 and the changes I plan to make in 2015. Before we embark on this, though, I want to remind you of something. Just because you use the same tool as someone else doesn’t mean you will get their results. Way…

  • Merry Christmas Week

    Merry Christmas Week

    I don’t have any content planned for the next few days. I’m spending time with my family because they are what I value. Have an awesome Christmas and spend your time with those you really value. photo credit: songzhen cc

  • November Reading

    November Reading

    It’s a bit late in the month of December now, but here is my reading list from November. A bunch of great product and business titles this month with a smattering of fiction thrown in to keep your brain loose. Don’t forget that each month I run a giveaway on my email list where I…

  • October reading

    October reading

    Welcome October the time when things start to cool off and we get some fall colours and cool times. One of my favourite things to do is find a sunny spot and do a bit of reading which is part of what got me through 8 books this month. This month was split 50/50 with…

  • Art of Value is 1000% worth your time

    You ever find a great new resource that blows your mind with every piece of content you get? You know one that makes you really think about how you’re running your business. How your pricing your projects. The weight you put towards project management as the thing that really makes a project awesome. It’s all…

  • Throw Hope out the window – Start 2015 with a plan

    Today I’m excited to offer you the opportunity to work with me personally to ensure you start your 2015 off right. Last week I talked about the three areas you’ve got to get right when you’re starting your business. These are also the three areas MOST freelancers or small teams get it wrong. You’re stuck…

  • September Reading

    September Reading

    This September was a lot of fiction and a bit of self-improvement/interesting f reading. As always, jump to the bottoms for links to my other monthly reading posts. Blink By the well known Malcolm Gladwell, Blink is about our powers of rapid cognition, or how we make snap judgments. This is my second read and…