2 Years with the GoRuck GR1

Yes I like backpacks. My wife often says, and is totally correct, that I have more bags than she does. I guess it’s my quest for the ‘perfect’ bag. The one that easily transitions from a work commuting pack to a weekend dad bag then with a quick repack can handle a 24 hour trail […]

This is NOT a complete review of Things 3

While I’ve been reliant on paper based productivity for a while now, there is something about a digital task manager that still seems useful to me during times that my business is ramping up in complexity. I started this review in late September 2018 when I had 3 code projects going, 6 writing assignments for […]

Looking at 2Do as an OmniFocus Replacement

While we all need to be careful about succumbing to shiny object syndrome when it comes to applications and workflows, but there is often something to learn from them. Case in point is my experience with 2Do as I was trying out SetApp. By default, 2Do filters out tasks that are set to start at […]

Does Squash Add Value to SetApp?

SetApp has been around for a bit and is interesting. It takes a number of popular Mac Applications and bundles them in to a single inexpensive monthly subscription. Out of the gate some of the awesome applications are Ulysses and ForkLift 2. But I have a great Markdown editor and I don’t see anything in […]

Why I’ve stuck with 17Hats

2016 marks the first year in a long while that I haven’t changed my billing system. I’ve used Billings, FreeAgent, Bidsketch and a whole host of other time tracking/billing/estimate software you’ve no doubt heard of. Every year I’d end the year with more frustrations than satisfaction with my choices and so I’d change again in […]

August 2015 Reading

Predictable Revenue Get Predictable Revenue on Amazon.com Get Predictable Revenue on Amazon.ca We all want predictable revenue, right? We want to know that if we get five qualified leads we can turn two of those into paying customers that are worth $XX over time. We want to have a process to qualify leads for our […]

Using Marxico to work with Markdown in Evernote

In my quest to find a decent way to work with Markdown in Evernote, I’ve already looked at Alternote, which was…okay, but only just barely. Today I’m going to write about Marxico. Marxico is a paid app/service that has a free 10-day trial. During those 10 days you get the full Marxico experience with no […]

2 Big Issues with Evernote

Okay, I love Evernote. I use it daily and almost all my life ends up in Evernote in some form or another. But that doesn’t mean it’s all daisies and roses. There are some big annoyances with Evernote. Writing lag Even as I work on this article I’ve got two other articles sitting in the […]

Exploring the Pocket Notebook

So, I’ve got a pocket notebook and I love it. I use it to write out a quick grocery list (often actually copied out of the shared list in Todoist). I use it to jot down quick thoughts that will end up in Evernote, Todoist, or — nowhere. I use it for a trip journal […]

Reviewing Alternote – Distraction-free markdown with Evernote?

A while ago I talked about how Evernote took over my life, and in that post I talked about Blogo which was pretty cool but had a few holes in it. I dropped Blogo and will cover my specific frustrations with it in a future post. I actually stopped using Evernote for my writing workflow […]

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