Getting Started with Obsidian Course

Getting Started with Obsidian

If you want to learn your way around Obsidian so that you can build a great note system then this course is for you. I’ll cover basic folder structure, when to use tags or links, and the plugins I think everyone needs to make their Obsidian experience excellent. Plus much more. If you want all my coursesbecome a member.

$99 USD (30-day guarantee)

  • Obsidian Plugins to Focus On Your Writing

    One of the things most writers aim for while working is getting focused on the text they’re working on. In Obsidian there are a number of plugins that allow you to build a more focused experience. Let’s take a look at them. Fullscreen Focus Mode While the title of this plugin leads me to believe […]

  • Matt on The Dunning-Kruger Effect

    Social media especially convinces everyone that they are an expert in a subject immediately. It’s amazing how I follow the same people, but that group is an expert in the auto industry when there are Apple car rumors, epidemiologists when there’s a public health crisis, and a payments expert when there’s App Store rule news. […]

  • Reset Your Overwhelming Task List

    Reset Your Task List

    One of the best reasons to switch to a new task manager is that you finally say no to all those things you were never going to do in the first place. That hammock you were going to put up for your kids in the summer finally doesn’t get moved to the new tool because […]

  • Unpopular Economic Policy is Enforced with Violence

    I was recently reading The Shock Doctrine – The Rise of Disaster Capitalism and it said that when your economic policy is highly unpopular with the middle and lower income brackets of society the only enforcement you can do is via violence. Unlike the wealthy they only recourse they have is to strike and demonstrate […]

  • How to Choose a good Task Manager

    As I’ve already said, your primary concern is going to be that your task manager works on the platforms you use to do your work. After that, there are a few other features most people like in their task managers. Easy Task Entry First and foremost you need to ask how easy it is to […]

  • You Must Read to Write

    I absolutely agree with Greg, to write and create you must read. One of the things I’ve “struggled” with this year is reading books. Well that’s not entirely true, I’ve struggled to read non-fiction books at my regular pace. In total this year I’ve read 63 books this year and 27 of them have been […]

  • 10 Awesome Mac Apps

    1. AirBuddy Apple has done an excellent job with how they allow AirPod devices connect with your mobile devices, and very much missed that mark with macOS. This is where AirBuddy steps in to help you. AirBuddy brings the excellent UI of your mobile devices to your Mac, but then it pushes it even further. […]

  • Barriers Clarify

    In the same way someone who wants to lose weight might hide the sweet treats, I am putting my weakness behind as much of a hurdle as I can.  Greg Morris One of the reasons I love Analogue Productivity is that your notebook defaults to no. It’s not going to move tasks forward for you. […]

  • Matt takes a long term look at the price of oil

    My point here is not to prove that inflation isn’t a thing or that I’m an expert on the oil markets, my point is simply to point out that we should all be careful with how we interpret the data put in front of us. Matt brings up a good point about how we look […]

  • Obsidian Incremental Writing Plugin

    Today we’re going to look at the Incremental Writing plugin for Obsidian. At first, I had no idea why it was named as it was because it’s more a spaced repetition plugin than a writing one. Evidently, Incremental Writing is the act of cycling through your notes and doing a bit of work on them […]