Getting Started with Obsidian Course

Getting Started with Obsidian

If you want to learn your way around Obsidian so that you can build a great note system then this course is for you. I’ll cover basic folder structure, when to use tags or links, and the plugins I think everyone needs to make their Obsidian experience excellent. Plus much more. If you want all my coursesbecome a member.

$99 USD (30-day guarantee)

  • DailyTekk on being Successful

    Specifically I like Chris’ thoughts on finding a frontier. I started with WordPress in 2008 when it was very much a frontier and it’s why I have the coding career I have today. It’s why many people subscribe to my site and still are interested in what I have to say. I also think I’m […]

  • A look at how Josh Kaufman does research and reading

    I’d love to be like Josh and get to spend 75% of my day reading. I mean I get to spend a decent amount of time reading books or articles, but I’d prefer to do more. I also like his unlimited book budget, which I don’t have. Check the article out for his reading process, […]

  • Allen Pike on cross-platform software development

    Interesting post from Allen Pike about the tradeoffs we make with cross-platform development. It seems to come down to the ability of a team to keep native products in sync across platforms which gets harder with more platforms and bigger teams. I for one am fine with what 1Password is doing with Eletron. Seems to […]

  • Obsidian Quick Add – Automate Note Entry

    Getting your notes into Obsidian can be a bit of a chore. I find adding a book to my notes as I’m reading a book particularly time consuming, and it breaks me out of the reading workflow. This is where Quick Add can help automate some of the process of adding specific types of notes. […]

  • Obsidian /Slash Command Plugin

    Recently Obsidian introduced a new cool core plugin that will save you some key strokes when you need to activate commands in it’s interface. Today we’re going to talk about the /slash command plugin.

  • Shiftscreen – Best iPad Monitor Experience

    Yes the M1 iPad Pro has a bunch of power, but it also has some major limitations enforced by iPadOS. The biggest oversight is the lack of a decent second screen experience for those that want to use their iPad Pro at a desk with a 2nd monitor. Here is where ShiftScreen 4 comes into […]

  • Obsidian Longform – A Scrivener Replacement?

    For a long time I loved Scrivener, but the development is so slow it may as well not happen. It also has had 10 years to really support iPad’s as primary writing tools and it’s done a terrible job. You’re almost missing more features on an iPad than you get. You certainly can’t produce a […]

  • 11 iPadOS Secret Tips

    iPadOS 15 brought us a bunch of well-known features, like Focus Modes, but there were also a bunch of hidden tidbits. Today we’ll talk about those excellent small enhancements that I come to love.

  • 14 Awesome Safari Extensions for iOS 15

    iOS 15 brought us a feature that felt like a bit of a sleeper for me, Safari extensions. I didn’t even realize it existed until after the official release dropped, and now I have lots of Safari extensions running all the time. These help supercharge iOS Safari, just like extensions do on desktop browsers. To […]

  • Taskade, Inexpensive Team Collaboration

    Let’s start by talking about what Taskade is not. Taskade is not a personal task manager in the same way that Things 3 or OmniFocus is a personal task manager. You can graft a GTD workflow into Taskade but it seems like something you’re forcing on the wrong tool. Taskade is a web based collaborative […]