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  • iPadOS 16 is Bad

    iPadOS 16 is Bad

    We’re on the cusp of iPadOS 16.1 coming out on Monday and I couldn’t care less. iPadOS 16 is a big bag of…meh in the feature department. Sure I was excited about Stage Manager, but then they took away the only feature that improved working on an iPad. Stage Manager No, Stage Manager wasn’t the […]

  • I Agree, The iPad Kind of Sucks

    From Greg: Following yesterday’s meagre offering following 18 months of development, the time has come. The iPad sucks now, and that’s a real shame. Much like Greg, I used to be the guy that raved about the iPad all the time. I even spent months using a 10” iPad Pro as my main coding machine. Also…

  • Stage Manager – Productivity Boost – With Some Problems

    Stage Manager – Productivity Boost – With Some Problems

    I’m usually a Public Beta guy when it comes to iPadOS. While I don’t make most of my money from writing or YouTube, I use my iPad as my preferred computer when I don’t have to write code. Public Beta is usually more stable than what comes before it and that makes it stable enough…