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  • Download Markdown Notes from Kindle

    Download Markdown Notes from Kindle

    Dr Brad Davis did an excellent video about how to use Readwise to get your Kindle notes into your Obsidian database. I don’t actually use my Kindle enough for reading to warrant an extra fee for Readwise regularly so I use his second free option in the form of Markdownload as a Chrome extension. Today […]

  • Reasons to Purchase Physical Books

    I don’t love every item on this list, but overall I do read more physical books than Kindle books now. This wasn’t always the case, about 8 years ago I took almost every physical book I owned down to the local used bookstore and turned them in for credit. $400 in credit to be precise.…

  • Making Notes in Books – Goodreader vs Kindle

    When viewing books on the iPad there are a number of options, the two biggest being PDF with Goodreader and Kindle formatted book with the Kindle software. Today we’re going to take a look at the pros and cons of both options. ###Scenario My use case is that I want to have the books I…