June and July Reading

Well my June reading post got a bit missed, it was written but I forgot to publish it. So today you get a combined June/July reading list. In June I went to BeachPress and I traveled home via bike which meant 700km of riding and lots of listening time. The first 3 books listed were […]

Get more clients with your tone

There once was a study at the University of Michigan[1]. This study divided participants up in to 3 groups which were all told the same basic story. You were originally given a ‘good faith’ quote of $14k on catering for a wedding you’re planning. Now 2 weeks later you’ve been told by the business manager […]

Why go to a WordCamp

Should you go to a WordCamp or not, that is the question. It’s one I certainly ask myself each time. While the tickets aren’t expensive all the travel is costly. Even my local WordCamp in Vancouver cost me $50 in travel and food to travel. Last time, I flew to Edmonton and stayed in a […]

Yes you can dishwash a keyboard, here’s how

Today we’re going to deviate a bit from the regular business topics and talk about cleaning your keyboard. All prompted by a single photo on Twitter. Getting clean pic.twitter.com/VcLb4kOuYV — curtismchale (@curtismchale) August 6, 2014 That is a Kinesis Freestyle V1 keyboard (which I reviewed) in the top rack of my empty dishwasher. Keyboards are […]