August Reading

It’s time for the recap of my reading in August. I’ve been really into fiction lately so there are 3 Omnibus books and only 2 business books (yeah that’s still like 10 books total in August). If you want to see some of the other installments in my monthly reading scroll to the end of […]

Reviewing See You at the Top by Zig Ziglar

One of the ‘old’ recommendations for personal/business improvement books is See You at the Top by Zig Ziglar. Originally published in 1975 after being rejected by at least 30 publishers, See You at the Top was the most successful book by Pelican Publishers up to that point[1]. Listen to a current business/motivational podcast for more […]

Why don’t you miss the office?

Watch twitter for a day or so and you’re going to see a comment like this come across. I really miss being at the office.. Said no one ever…. — Sam Russell (@SatineCM) August 11, 2014 You don’t miss your work? That’s a problem. I like… Sure I like vacation, though simply sitting on […]

3 year olds hike in small steps

We’re an outdoor family. I ride my bike, my wife runs, we head to the beach regularly. We take our kids on hikes and canoeing. When they get older we’ll get them rock climbing and paddling whitewater on the rivers. So it’s probably not going to surprise you that in early August we took our […]

Will your services improve the life of your client?

Previously I wrote about 3 questions to ask yourself before you write an estimate. There are bigger questions to ask yourself first though. Primarily, should you even be sending an estimate to that client? Do you have enough information to send an estimate to your client? It’s not just about selling though Do you want […]