Reviewing See You at the Top by Zig Ziglar

One of the ‘old’ recommendations for personal/business improvement books is See You at the Top by Zig Ziglar. Originally published in 1975 after being rejected by at least 30 publishers, See You at the Top was the most successful book by Pelican Publishers up to that point[1]. Listen to a current business/motivational podcast for more […]

Why don’t you miss the office?

Watch twitter for a day or so and you’re going to see a comment like this come across. I really miss being at the office.. Said no one ever…. — Sam Russell (@SatineCM) August 11, 2014 You don’t miss your work? That’s a problem. I like… Sure I like vacation, though simply sitting on […]

June and July Reading

Well my June reading post got a bit missed, it was written but I forgot to publish it. So today you get a combined June/July reading list. In June I went to BeachPress and I traveled home via bike which meant 700km of riding and lots of listening time. The first 3 books listed were […]

Get more clients with your tone

There once was a study at the University of Michigan[1]. This study divided participants up in to 3 groups which were all told the same basic story. You were originally given a ‘good faith’ quote of $14k on catering for a wedding you’re planning. Now 2 weeks later you’ve been told by the business manager […]

Why go to a WordCamp

Should you go to a WordCamp or not, that is the question. It’s one I certainly ask myself each time. While the tickets aren’t expensive all the travel is costly. Even my local WordCamp in Vancouver cost me $50 in travel and food to travel. Last time, I flew to Edmonton and stayed in a […]