Evernote as my GTD tickler

I like GTD methodology. For a long time OmniFocus was my go to tool for my main list. Now I’ve switched to Redbooth (topic for another post) but I’ve never talked about my ‘tickler’ file. Let’s start by defining what a tickler file is. A tickler file is a collection of date-labeled file folders organized […]

Launching SFNdesign’s Agency Site

My business has always been called SFNdesign I’ve just operated and ‘pushed’ my own name. Later this year I’ll have to incorporate and really I want to move the business to something bigger. You know, a few employees and some larger projects. So I’ve finally finished off SFNdesign.ca. If you’re looking to hire me for WordPress […]

What I read – March 2014

This is my first instalment in a monthly series recapping the books I’ve read in a month. Today you’re looking at the books I finished in March. It’s likely to mostly be business books but do expect some fiction, parenting and marriage stuff as well. Yes most of the links are going to be affiliate […]

Monthly reading recap

I’m starting a monthly post about the books I’ve read that month. If you didn’t know it already I read a lot. My family doesn’t watch TV during the week days and even when we put a movie on over the weekend it’s not uncommon for me to read anyway. I certainly read through the […]