According to my site statistics the top 5 posts as voted by readers are.

  1. Sync your Obsidian Vault for Free with Github
  2. 9 Must Have Obsidian Writing Plugins
  3. Everything You Need to Know about Obsidian Sync
  4. How I use Day Planner for Daily Notes
  5. Using Obsidian with Things3

The first striking thing to me is that none of those posts were published in 2023. Number 4 was published in 2021 and all other posts were published in 2023.

Looking at my YouTube stats we see a bit of variation in the top 5 pieces of content, but also some repeats.

  1. Sync Your Obsidian Vault for Free with GitHub
  2. How I use Obsidian Daily Notes
  3. How a Programmer Uses Obsidian at Work
  4. 9 Must Have Obsidian Writing Plugins
  5. Supercharge Obsidian on Your Mobile Device

In this list we still have a fair few that are not from 2023 but number 3 about using Obsidian for Programming is from January of 2023.

I suppose it makes sense that few pieces of content from 2023 would show up in the overall numbers for 2023 since some of it has only existed for a few weeks thus it would have to be a huge viral hit to make it on the list.

2024 Content Plans

I’ll still keep publishing PKM Weekly in its current format and video will continue to come out, though I don’t plan on doing 1 video a week for 2024. Instead I’d like to spend a bit more time on each video so that they have a bit more polish. Some Monday’s I’d sit down with no idea what I was going to do a video about and pick something simply so I could stay on schedule.

For 2024 I want to sit down on Monday and if I don’t have a video ready, I’ll write and research a video, or edit a video I already recorded. Some videos may still be short and quick, but overall I want to have more planning in my content.