After work there is still all the chores to do for working families

From Screentime Age: At three, most families choose Community preschool programs, which often only run for two hours a day. Kids go to another child care provider after this. Then when parents come home after working a full day they are still left with all of the cooking, cleaning, laundry, and housework to do. Schools […]

Chances are I won’t come back to contribute to WordPress again

From Daniel Jalkut: I don’t think the WordPress team is bad, by any means, but I think this is a “team smell.” When somebody comes to your project with a well-thought-out, unit-tested fix, and is met by radio silence? The chances are high that they will never come back again. I have submitted WordPress patches […]

Freelance Friday 056 – May 24 2019

This week has been a big content week. I wrote a few posts for Liquid Web, and one for Godaddy. I also started to dig into DEVONthink 3 more for macOS and it’s a highly compelling piece of software for storing your notes and other files you want to keep track of. Check below for […]

Productivity is not cranking more widgets

Enjoyed this post by Mike Schmitz. In particular this quote. Productivity is not cranking more widgets. Productivity is not doing all the things. True productivity is saying “no” to the things that don’t matter so you can say “YES!” to the things that do. I think that NO is the most productive word you have […]

Some Remote Work Stats

Interesting survey on remote workers. Here are some highlights for me. 60% of remote workers work fixed hours. So that’s a typical 9-5 job and while the post talks about the benefits of working in your PJ’s, they don’t mention that many of these people drop a huge commute. If I had to drive into […]

Two notes on a decade of remote work

I found both of these posts and realized that I have also crossed a decade of remote work recently. 99% of that time was spent working for myself with no official “boss”. Let’s pull some highlights, first from Tom’s article. It takes a certain type of person to be able to work remotely for long […]

The “full-stack” developer doesn’t exist

Another good post on “full-stack” developers. In effect, we have allowed the “full stack developer” term to frame the debate. We should not. It is a term that defines something that doesn’t exist – cannot exist because it is an impossible standard. Check out his list of requirements for “full-stack” then ask yourself if you […]

I hate the term “full-stack” developer

I like this post from Chris Coyier. This quote in particular. A full-stack developer on that stack means you know Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. (Abstractly: server software, web server, database, back-end language.) This site runs on that stack, and I’m solely responsible for its development, so I guess I’m a full-stack developer in some […]

Smart Out-Sourcing for Small Business

As a cash-strapped small business, you’re always looking for ways to save money on your running costs. Knowing how to structure your company and deciding which tasks that you do in-house and which you will outsource will have an enormous impact on how productive and profitable you are, but it is not an easy decision. […]

Watch me Upgrade my 2019 Mac Mini to 32GB of RAM

Instead of paying Apple $240 for 16GB of RAM or $740 for 32GB of RAM I got some aftermarket RAM from Crucial and the tools to make the change myself. That cost me a grand total of $350 including the expensive iFixIt toolkit to replace my mishmash of tools that have accumulated over time. Yes […]

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