You Can’t Buy Time

Great video shared on Signal V. Noise. Monday I shared what went well and what was bad about my 2018. One of my conclusions is that I’m way to busy, in that I feel rushed so much of the time. This isn’t a good thing. I say this in the midst of a week where […]

Joe is cutting Slack

Joe Casabona: This might sound crazy to people in my space, as Slack has become the de-facto standard for communication for the lot of us. But it’s also a HUGE distraction. So Joe took these “drastic” steps: Log out of most Slack teams. There’s maybe 4 I feel I should be logged into. Turn off […]

What sucked in 2018 and how 2019 will be better

Yup, we’re half way through January and you’re just getting my 2018 recap post and my 2019 goals and such. What can I say, I took a few weeks off over the holiday’s to hang out with my family and you can all wait. 2018 With my mastermind groups we answer four questions every week. […]

Freelance Friday 038 – January 18 2019

Today is the last day to get this Google Analytics Course from my friend Cinthia. I went through it and it’s great. This week was my first real productive week back at work for 2019, and even then my wife has been sick so I’ve been doing a bit more around the house than usual […]

So you want to write

Or really, do anything well Kris Gage has a thought when someone asks him what the secret is: And right as I start to wonder if they Might Be On To Something Here, I go check their post history, and half the time I see that they rarely write. So I then I point out […]

A Good Look at our changing ideas of dad

From daddilife: In 2018, among a slew of statistics about the changing realities of fatherhood, it was revealed that dads spend three times more time with their children than their grandfathers did. And Research finds that dads are just as likely as mums to say that parenting is extremely important to their identity. Dads are […]

iOS Podcasting with Ferrite Recording Studio

If you’ve been looking for an awesome recording and editing app for podcasting, then you can end your search with Ferrite. Note, I didn’t even qualify it as an iOS app, because it’s just awesome all around. Much better and faster than what I was using on my Mac. I covered it in more detail […]

Dealing with Sickness and Running Your Business

The first week back at work didn’t go as planned. I got sick, then the kids and my wife got sick. I spent the first week…mostly not working instead of making all the progress I had originally hoped to make. Today I talk about how I try to prioritize my tasks to get the essential […]

Joe has an all access pass

It’s only $399 and includes a bunch of stuff. If you’re looking to get better at: Podcasting Creating Online Courses Gutenberg Beaver Builder PHP Then you should grab this all access pass while it’s around. Also, Joe is awesome and a fellow iPad first person so….he’s extra awesome.

Should I Read It 040 – The Art of Focus

Today’s show is just a bit different, with my friend Adam Tuck taking over and reviewing my book The Art of Focus. I’ve edited it for audio quality, and left the content intact. Enjoy.

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