Missing Keyboard Shortcuts in Ferrite for iOS

I love being iOS first in my workflows. Where macOS applications were big behemoths that were hard to use, most iPad apps are trimmed down and amazing. Unfortunately, sometimes, this trimming means you miss out on a few things though. Part of my work is editing podcasts and while I love Ferrite, there are a […]

Tracking ACDC in your business

In Clockwork they have a metric called ACDC and inside those 4 areas you need to track one thing to make sure that your business is running smoothly. Today we’re going to talk about what ACDC is and give a few examples of things you might track to make sure that your business is running […]

I Hate Twitter Threads and They Produce Little Value

“Your “thread” should have been a blog post… Yes. All of them. Every time.” – Rhoneisms I agree with Patrick, Twitter threads are a terrible use of your content writing. There are so many awesome Twitter threads out there. This one on making sure your work isn’t devalued during review time…solid gold. Unfortunately for the […]

Time Saving Tips To Make The Office Atmosphere Friendly

Finding a job you love is great. It can sustain you. You may even feel interested in being the best at your craft thanks to this effort. You may decide to open your own business. But first, everything emanates from the love you bring to the table. That being said, love is not a given […]

Paper monuments

As I work on paper I look forward to the day I have a stack like this.

Freelance Friday 023 – Sept 14 2018

This week I started to plan out my next book. Yes I just finished and launched one, and I’m going to launch another one before US Thanksgiving. I can do it that fast because it’s an update of the first book I ever wrote and published. It was called “Don’t be an Idiot: Run a […]

Adding to Favourites in Files iOS

Being iOS first in my workflow means that I’m in the Files App regularly. Like multiple times a day. After 6 months of using Files I realized that I hadn’t ever used the favorites section in Files. Adding Folders to Files Favorites The first thing I wanted to do was add a location, like iCloud, […]

Is Social Media Worth My Time?

In my reading recently I came across the three articles linked below all of which have me thinking about the hamster wheel that we all participate in to some extent. This is the hamster wheel of content creation. Image/brand building. Showing our life off to others in an effort to … what? I’ve been killing […]

Blogging Isn’t Dead, You Just Don’t Value It

As many people have moved to Mastodon or Micro.blog because they feel Twitter sucks and Facebook is the devil, I’ve seen many discussions wondering if any social media platform is good? Blogging is usually brought up as what everyone really wants to come back, but most admit they don’t write. The big question is, why […]

When Do You Charge for Calls as a Freelancer?

I was talking with a group of freelancer’s recently and the question came up of when to charge for calls, and how much to charge for them. Some people always charged for calls, while some never did. Some people had a 30 minute consult for free and charged for the next call. Some people did […]

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