Adobe Makes Goodish

So you read my rant that published last night about Adobe confirming a platform change for CS4 with their online support. Then when talking to them about actually doing it, now that a $2000 computer is in the house, the story changed. It seems that @MilesForrest sent that blog post on to Adobe and a […]

Launch Perfect or On Time?

So I recently launched Your Workflow which was inspired a few months ago by @dennis_j_bell. As with all personal projects the ideas sit in your head for a while taking shape. Since personal projects don’t always really pay the bills it’s easy to get them sidetracked which means they’d never actually get done. But if […]

Time for a Change

I’ve been blogging on random things here for a few years now. I’ve taken a few breaks here and there of course but I think I have been fairly consistent and accomplished the goals needed for this site/blog. Today I announce that I will be changing the focus of the site and blog. The Focus […]

5 Things A Client Should Ask a Prospective Web Designer or Agency

Evaluating a company or person to build your website is a tricky thing. What do you expect? What things do you need to know? Here are 5 questions that a client should be asking all companies in the running to build their next website. Have you worked on any similar projects? While it is possible […]

5 Jobs Clients Have During a Web Project

For some reason many clients think that the only job they have in developing their websites is to hire the person/company that is going to build the site. Unfortunately they haven’t realized that once they hire someone to build the website their work has just begun. Establish Your Business Goals: A site is not just […]

Make Mundane Tasks Fun Online for Conversions

Quite a while ago 37signals/Basecamp did a survey on their products. Now I normally fill out surveys of products I use because I’d like them to improve in ways I think are good but this survey from 37signals was actually fun to fill out. The Questions While many of the question were totally normal and […]

The Long Proposed Death of IE 6

The proposed demise of IE 6 rings with the shouts of joy from web developers the world over, but is it truly on the horizon? While sites trying to kill IE 6 extoll all the valid reasons web designers and developers have to want the death; clients sit and look at philosophical arguments and compare […]

Cars with no Tires Eh?

The Setup You don’t make sure you new car comes with the tires because it would be absurd to sign the paperwork and come outside to your new car up on blocks. It’s a general expectation that cars come with tires. Why then do we put clients in that situation with websites? Take a new […]

Can We Get by with Web Apps?

Web apps have been heralded as the solution to our online and offline lives. We do not have to install software on our machines. Things are backed up online and, in theory, we can edit offline with Google Gears (or other solution). So looking at this promised land I decided to move my blog writing […]