Another good money post, this one by Darius Foroux

This note made me smile from Darius Foroux: “All my problems will be solved once I have a little bit more cash on hand.” Sorry to disappoint you, but that will never happen. As your bank account grows, your problems will too. As Profit First advises, as your income grows so will your expenses. Foroux […]

Justin Jackson on Finances and Cutting Expenses

Jackson says in regard to his $4400/month expense burn: This wasn’t as big of a deal when revenue was high. I was able to pay my expenses, and still pay myself a good salary. But, just as Michalowicz predicted, when sales slowed down, my monthly costs weighed on me like never before. Michalowicz wrote Profit […]

You’re interesting and we need it

From Austin Kleon: In the (perfect) movie adaptation, Hannibal calls Clarice on the phone, and he says it just a little differently: “The world’s more interesting with you in it.” This is important to remember all the time. Especially when we are going through tough times. There is always a group of people that would […]

Shawn Blanc on managing photos in iOS

Shawn has a good post on what he does. I’m still not sold on what iOS provides for digital asset management. I’m trying out Pixave to handle my video files now. It’s working okay, but has some issues I’m trying to dig deeper into. If you’ve got other options to manage, tag, sort, find digital […]

Tools to Stop Freelancer Feast and Famine

Over the years I’ve been helping freelancer’s the biggest question I get is: “How do I get clients.” The big problem that most freelancer’s run into after they get an answer to that question is they get busy. Then they don’t have time to do the marketing that works and they hit a point in […]

Build Your Saas on Budgeting

Build Your Saas on budgeting. This was a great talk on budgeting and how you think about your expenses. One of the keys is not to get stuck in a mindset either way. Just spending small amounts adds up and never spending can cost you with the time you put in.

Subscriptions can kill your budget

Here is a great illustrated guide to checking your Apple subscriptions from iOS. I didn’t have any I didn’t expect but I know my friend Jason recently did an audit of his recurring expenses and saved himself hundreds of dollars for the year. In my upcoming book The Freelancer’s Guide to Getting Started I have […]

My iOS video workflow on The Sweet Setup

You know I’m iOS first because I’ve said it a few times. Many of you have asked how I do it so I’ve been writing about it. Today you can read about how I shoot and edit videos with LumaFusion on my iPad Pro over on The Sweet Setup.

On Sketchnotes from Alpha Efficiency

So about Sketchnoting: I like to call sketchnotes notes plus because they’re just like the notes you take now, with drawings, icons, and lettering added for emphasis. The addition of visual elements help you remember ideas more clearly and make note-taking more fun. Sketchnoting is all about being in the moment and relying on your […]

Getting your business to stand out

Jeff Brown has a great podcast on standing out. I use one of these strategies to serve his book group well by participating extensively in it. I’ve even produced audio reviews for member only. What are you doing to stand out?

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