Two notes on a decade of remote work

I found both of these posts and realized that I have also crossed a decade of remote work recently. 99% of that time was spent working for myself with no official “boss”. Let’s pull some highlights, first from Tom’s article. It takes a certain type of person to be able to work remotely for long […]

The “full-stack” developer doesn’t exist

Another good post on “full-stack” developers. In effect, we have allowed the “full stack developer” term to frame the debate. We should not. It is a term that defines something that doesn’t exist – cannot exist because it is an impossible standard. Check out his list of requirements for “full-stack” then ask yourself if you […]

I hate the term “full-stack” developer

I like this post from Chris Coyier. This quote in particular. A full-stack developer on that stack means you know Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. (Abstractly: server software, web server, database, back-end language.) This site runs on that stack, and I’m solely responsible for its development, so I guess I’m a full-stack developer in some […]

What does traction look like Or Know When to Fold em

From Justin Jackson: What does traction look like? Early on, you can evaluate your idea’s potential by looking at: How many people respond How enthusiastically they respond Seth Godwin talks about this same subject in The Dip. It’s a hard call. Most of the success I’m seeing now was sowed by almost 9 years doing […]

Done Being Man Enough

Enjoyed this TED talk Here are my notes that will be in my research for long term findability of the video. 3:00 the world says that men must reject anything feminine or be subject to ridicule by their peers and men learn this young 3:45 we must start embracing the more feminine aspects of ourselves […]

Taking on Debt to Keep Up with People Who Took On Debt

I was already frustrated by the lack of financial sense shown in my fellow Canadians by this article but this is crazy. Canadians are under social pressure that is pushing them into debt, with 91 per cent of millennials admitting in a new survey that they have taken on debt to keep up with their […]

Business Dashboard and Metric Advice

Good post from Segment about how to measure your metrics so that you don’t get caught up in vanity metrics and so that you have something useful. If you can’t look at your numbers and make changes to improve those numbers then you have bad numbers.

Today’s Actions are Votes For Tomorrow’s Life

Figure out what success means to you. Don’t accept others’ views or conventional wisdom. Write down what your successful personal and professional life looks like in 20 years. Then roll the clock back to today. Make sure your choices are in service of those goals. – Strauss Zelnick in Tribe of Mentors I was telling […]

All consuming subscriptions

From Nick Heer in response to this WSJ article. I think users will find it fatiguing — at best — to live in a world where we pay hundreds of dollars a month to listen to music, use software, and store files. There are advantages: we can listen to most music of our choosing on […]

I Make a Point to Have Friends Now

Kelly’s boyfriend refused to talk to other men or a therapist about his feelings, so he’d often get into “funks,” picking pointless fights when something was bothering him. Eventually, Kelly became his default therapist, soothing his anxieties as he fretted over work or family problems. Men Have No Friends and Women Bear the Burden I […]

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