Choosing my time

Matthew Lang referenced something I said and I figured I’d give an update. I recently made the choice to not use Instagram. I like Instagram and it has nothing to do with their parent company Facebook. I just find that when I have Instagram on any device I waste time looking through images that are […]

Increasing Your Facebook Privacy: Putting lipstick on a pig

While David says he was a curmudgeon I’m thinking of becoming one. I’ve done all the stuff David suggests and I still wonder if I’m causing people to waste time on Facebook. I know this post gets sent to Facebook which results in some vanishingly small amount of traffic. Even practicing slow social media doesn’t ring […]

Missing a Friend

Brett just wrote a post about grieving. We are still going through it after we lost Roxy a month back after 12 years with her. As he says, there is no timeline. You just slowly heal. Very slowly sometimes. We keep putting one foot in front of the other and things feel better most days.

Third Spaces and Creativity

Austin Kleon in Community and creativity in mundane retail spaces Besides fast food restaurants, I collect other stories of creative people hanging out in mundane retail spaces For me it’s a local Starbucks. I got asked this week if I was a writer and then had a 30 minute conversation with a man named David […]

Delete Facebook, Am I Contributing To You Staying?

From Derek Sivers: Maybe the fact that I use it to share my blog posts is a tiny tiny reason why others are still using it I cited Cal Newport earlier today on deleting Facebook and doing social media slow so you might know already that I’m part of a single reading group that is […]

Slow Social Media

A more nuanced approach to evaluating social media from Cal Newport. Only use a given social media service if it provides valuable benefits that would be hard to replace. Use these services only for these purposes. Delete all social media apps from your phone. (Few serious uses for social media require that you can access […]

You can’t teach hustle from @MaddyOsman

Maddy Osman gets a bit ranty (and it’s well deserved) with this one calling out business coaches and online courses. Oh and I love the whole article. First with some great points like: Building a successful business takes a lot of time. It takes a lot of blood, sweat, and tears (more so the latter […]

Blog to write, tweet to fight

I met many people through Twitter who became and remain important collaborators and friends. But the salad days of “blog to reflect, tweet to connect” are gone. Long gone. Over the last year, especially, it has seemed much more like “blog to write, tweet to fight.” – Back to the Blog I never left and […]

@MaddyOsman and the girl power desk

Always fun to see how others work. I just couldn’t do a desk that is so narrow. Would drive me bonkers. I need that USB charging station in at least two spots in my house. Neither of them is my desk though since I rarely allow devices to reside at my desk during work. I […]

Keeping in Touch

There were some good musicians (but not amazing musicians) who where great at keeping in touch. So when opportunities came my way, guess who I thought of to recommend? – Keep in Touch I find this as well. The people that I’m coaching end up getting almost all the referrals I have because I talk […]