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  • Ghosted – I’m here for the comedy

    Ghosted recently came out on Apple TV+ and I watched it because I figured it would be a mindless action movie where the guy needs saving instead of the girl. Yes that happened, but I’m here for the comedy. Multiple cameos of major actors that lasted less than 2 minutes of screentime before the next…

  • BBEdit turns 30

    BBEdit has been around for 30 years and they’re running a discount to get the software for $30 USD right now. I use NeoVim as my main code editor, but BBEdit is my secondary editor and until today I had just used the free edition. I got started coding on macOS with TextWrangler, which has…

  • Education Assistant turns to OnlyFans to feed her family

    So let me get this straight. An Education Assistant in BC is so underpaid they had to turn to OnlyFans to make enough money to get by. Then, when some parent watches the content they may lose their job. This parent/adult is participating in OnlyFans clearly. You don’t just randomly find this content if you…

  • Illinois seems to be heading the right direction

    Illinois banned the ability to ban books, or at least get funding for your library or school library if you ban books.

  • Open Source Contacts Made My Business Too

    From Heather Burns: After years of dragging my arse to the only mildly tolerable option, an open source community meetup appeared – in the function room of a twee Oirish pub, no less – and what ensued didn’t so much pivot my business but my entire life. And on that evidence, it’s no wonder that…

  • ASUS ROG Z13 – Better than the iPadPro?

    Sure the iPadPro may be more powerful than this1 but this runs a full fat operating system. So it can be a tablet, and my full-time computer for all tasks. My iPad still doesn’t do code well. I never checked I’m simply guessing because M1/2 chips are so fast. ↩

  • Writing is a transit system for electrical brain sparks

    From Analog Office: The magic is in the fact that writing is a transit system, which transports little electrical sparks in your synapses into things that affect shared reality. Yes I love Obsidian. Yes I write down most notes during the day in a notebook.

  • Matt Birchler – AI Hype is Like Chatbot hype from 2016

    There is so much to agree with in Matt’s post. Tech hypes so much that will “revolutionize” our lives and lots of it fails to bring these innovations. How do we always forget the broken promises and blindly trust the new thing tech is hyping?

  • How Will AI Change Note-Taking?

    AI will solve the need to organize your notes!!! But will it really? Crypto was supposed to solve banking and make it modern. Instead it’s crashed a bunch and rich people got in early then cashed out and got richer. Ride hailing was supposed to revolutionize personal transportation. Instead they used data to drive down…

  • Repurposing a ThinkPad 701C with Framework

    I love this repurposing of an old computer with new brains from Framework. Before I purchased my 13″ Framework I tried to get an older ThinkPad, but after numerous shipping issues, I never got any of them. I love my Framework laptop. I love that even though I missed out on their latest upgrades by…