The Starving Luminary

From Stand Out: Unfortunately, for many aspiring thought leaders seeking to make a living from their work, it would be easy to devote all their time to writing free online article, helping others termendously, and building a powerful reputation — all while starving. Yup, there have been times in the last 12 months where I’m […]

Forget Business Cards, Go for Depth

From Stand Out: Do you have enough people in your professional life who really know you? The bias in most discussions about networking is toward meeting more people, going to more cocktail parties, and trading more business cards. But sometimes depth can be as important, if not more so, than breadth. I hate networking. Those […]

Critique is easy, creating is hard

From Justin: Creating something, and releasing it to the public, is hard. Producing a quality product takes a long time. Plus, there are years of experience and practice that have to happen beforehand. Do you know what’s easy? Critique. Putting someone down. Tearing something apart. It only takes a few keystrokes to say “this sucks.” […]

Good or bad, it’s your fault

From Farnam Street: The hard truth is that most things in your life – good and bad – are your fault. The sooner you realize that, the better things will be. How many people never want to hear that. They want to find some other person, company, thing…to blame so that they remain faultless. If […]

A Guide to the Upsides of reading books

Zaria Gorvett for the BBC makes the point first that reading helps you build empathy by citing some studies done on the subject. Then to get more reading in: So now that you’re convinced of the benefits of reading, consider this: according to a 2017 survey of 1,875 people by the UK media regulator Ofcom, […]

The false impression you’re saying more than you are

From Paul Graham in 2015: If you want people to read and understand what you write, yes. Written language is more complex, which makes it more work to read. It’s also more formal and distant, which gives the reader’s attention permission to drift. But perhaps worst of all, the complex sentences and fancy words give […]

Don’t Learn for Learnings’s Sake

From Talking to Humans: Your goal is not to learn for learnings sake. Your goal is to make better decisions and increase the odds of success. This is talking about talking with your customers as market research, but the same goes for reading or any learning. What are you going to do with the stuff […]

GaryVee the Minimalist?

Great video by Matt D’Avella…oh and profanity warning. Dave Ramsey has been saying this same thing for years. You buy stuff you don’t care about with money you don’t have to impress people you don’t like. We did Dave’s Total Money Makeover years ago and got out of all debt. It is the single thing […]

Matt Ragland – taking steps to be free of social media

Matt says: Many of you know I took February off from social media. A little over a week through March and I’ve given very little of my time back to it. Here are a few tactics I’ve used to limit the temptation. Removed Twitter, Facebook, Messenger, Gmail, Chrome, Slack, and Amazon from my phone. Basically […]

Shawn Blanc’s iPad Writing Setup

Yup Shawn uses an iPad most of the time too. Over the past two years, my usage between Mac and iPad has basically flip-flopped. In early 2017, I bought a 9.7-inch iPad Pro, which I promptly upgraded as soon as the 10.5-inch came out. And last fall, when the new 12.9- and 11-inch iPads Pro […]

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