Don’t get a plane with your Disney Money

Yup it’s a kid in the Disney family on how wealth affected her dad and the two different families that she grew up in as the wealth took a big jump. It wasn’t just the plane, but it’s not a small thing when you don’t have to be patient or be around other people. It […]

Neil Gaiman and Tim Ferris’s

You can listen here. One of my favourite parts was when Neil talks about his notebooks and writing his stories long hand because it makes him think differently. It at least got me thinking about handwriting some more of my content before I type it out.

How walls and surveillance affect us

Jessica Wapner in The New Yorker: A few years ago, Tobias Vogt, who studies public health at the University of Groningen, in the Netherlands, decided to investigate whether the fall of the Berlin Wall had extended life expectancy. Vogt compared how long East Germans would have lived if the wall had not fallen with how […]

My iPad Productivity Thoughts from 2012

Back in 2012 I was hoping to walk around with an iPad as my main work machine. That’s what I’m living now though my bag is still fairly heavy since I carry so many books around just in case I have time to read.

Thinkpad X210 better than a MacBook?

Geoff has a pretty cool post about his purchase of an old Thinkpad X210. Something very similar to this was my first computer for college as a hand me down from my dad. The MacBook Pro’s are entirely uninspiring. In fact I think they’re a bad investment currently since it seems that you’re fairly likely […]

Just a few of the screwed up things Facebook has done

In Mother Jones, yup that’s an Apple News link sorry: ► Facebook’s security chief investigated, as early as the summer of 2016, how the platform was being manipulated by Putin’s minions. Yet as late as April 2017, Facebook still downplayed and scrubbed his analysis of what the Russians had done ► Likewise, Sri Lanka begged […]

Diamond Mine or Coal Mine?

This is a great video from Matt D’Avella as he interviews Greg McKeown about essentialism. My favourite part comes near the end as he talks about a coal mine vs a diamond mine and our need to recognize which one we live in.

Why Freelancer’s “help out” bad clients

From Pre-suasion: Several decades worth of research shows that, in general, the more someone needs our help, the more obligated we feel to provide it, the more guilty we feel if we don’t provide it, and the more likely we are to provide it. The best way I’ve found to break this is to have […]

140 Characters doesn’t leave much room for kindness

From Ryan Holiday: As we’ve become more polarized and more algorithmically sorted, we care a lot less about the people who think differently than us and put little effort into persuading them. That’s because persuasion is no longer the goal—it’s signaling. And with signaling, it’s vehemence that matters, not quality. Holiday goes on to talk […]

A Vim writing workflow

Seems to be a day for writing workflows. Here is one based on Vim. The most interesting part is flashbake which takes his plain text work and checks it into a Git repository every 15 minutes. For everything there is to love about Ulysses, I do love Vim and I do like the idea of […]

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