@patrickrhone on time

The difference is how we choose to spend that time. There may be some very valid reasons why you choose to spend your 24 hours differently than how I choose mine. And, there are some things we all have to choose in order to simply stay alive. We all need to sleep, at some point, […]

Podcasts and Expanding your Mind

I was on a run recently and crossed paths with a cycling friend. As we talked on the side of the road my friend wanted some recommendations for podcasts and books to help him think more about his work and what he could be doing. So here is that list of podcasts that will expand […]

@shawnblanc on Free Agents Podcast

I’ve worked with Shawn on his sites for a while and even before that I was a fan of his writing. He was just on the Free Agents Show and the thing that stuck out to me was his work and rest routine. He talked more about how it happens week in week out. Specifically […]

Pick blog ideas like cheese

Once a week, usually Saturdays, I look through the list and pick two or three notes with the same strategy used when buying cheese: pick something interesting and different but not too smelly or old. – My Blogging Workflow Yup, I laughed out loud at this sentence, and really I do the same thing in […]

Paper Planners or Drowning in Apps?

I use a paper planner for my personal needs. There is no digital tool for managing internal projects it’s all on paper. The only digital tools I use are for collaborating with clients and to manage my appointments so I don’t have to check and wrangle email. Even then, all appointments make it back into […]

Don’t join the pity party

Since human beings are inherently social, our brains naturally and unconsciously mimic the moods of those around us, particularly people we spend a great deal of time with. This process is called neuronal mirroring, and it’s the basis for our ability to feel empathy. The flip side, however, is that it makes complaining a lot […]

Tips from 2 Brian’s on Marketing your product

If you’re wondering how to market your product in the WordPress space the Brian’s have you covered in this podcast. In fact this stretches to any product. Marketing and positioning WordPress Products

Short Masters Level on Reaching Your Audience by @waitbutwhy

This whole post is awesome, but if I had to pick one section to read it would be the middle where Urban talks about pinpointing where you fall in knowledge on a topic and where your reader falls. First, find yourself on the scale before digging into a complex idea. And The second person to […]

@pjrvs on the cost of opportunities

Whether taking the opportunity is beneficial or not, there’s always a price. It’s our job to decide whether or not the price is worth it. How will it benefit us, our business, or brand, or long-term relationship with our customers or clients? – The true cost of an amazing opportunity This is why no is […]

@rezzz and @chrismarr101 on the future of sales and marketing

Chris Marr and Jason Resnick talk about the future of sales and marketing. This is great podcast about how you can leverage your content to reach your audience. I’ll be looking harder at how I use the titles in my blog posts in the future. One extra tip is to use Quora to see the […]