Scheduling Thinking Time

From one of my favourite sites, Farnam Street: Your First Thought is Rarely Your Best Thought Most people schedule themselves like lawyers. They work in five- to eight-minute increments, scheduled back to back. The best part of their day is when they manage to sneak away for a quick coffee with a friend before heading […]

Facebook Not all it’s Cracked Up to be for Business

Part of our philosophy at the C4AA is to meet people where they are, and, undeniably, hundreds of millions of people (and some bots) are on Facebook. However, looking at the statistics provided by Facebook, we’ve come to realize that the connection we were after isn’t actually made. That’s why we’ve decided to stop putting […]

@shawnblanc on 8 week work cycles

This is a great post on working in 8 week cycles. I’ve tried working a 4×10 schedule (where you do 10 hours per day, 4 days a week and then take a 3-day weekend). And while I loved the 3-day weekend, I found that I was less productive overall. Those additional 2 hours per day […]

Facebook as crux tech by @matthewlang

There’s a section of people that still see Facebook as the “default service of the Internet”. Facebook is probably easy to set up but other than that the only perceived benefit it has for these organisations is the numbers. They think most people are on Facebook, so they use Facebook. Good thoughts from Matthew. I […]

Tough Times Happen to our Heads

When it comes to mental health, we aren’t quite as understanding as we think we are. According to a study published by the Center of Disease Control, 57% of the general population believes that society at large is caring and sympathetic toward people with mental illness; but only 25% of people with mental health symptoms […]

Recovering from overwhelm with @chrisbowler

Sometimes the right answer is to look for new tools and techniques. But most of the time, the answer is to get out of the trenches and see things from the big view. If you bring old habits to new tools, you’ll just end up in the same place. Rarely is a new tool the […]

Did you forget how to read?

Interesting article on the difficultly we have with reading now. Because of the distractedness that we engage in, it’s so hard to focus on a book. One of the best things to happen to me in the last 12 months was that the iOS 11 update made my 6S Plus so slow and so battery […]

Slack is bad for you

So many great quotes in this piece on Slack: slack empowers your worst people to overwhelm your best. It has that in common with the open office. It normalizes interruptions, multitasking, and distractions, implicitly permitting these things to happen IRL as well as online. It normalizes insanely short reply times for questions. In the slack […]

Cal Newport and Techno-materialism

Two new words for me: techno-materialism & techno-humanism The problem with techno-materialism is that just because a new technology was better than the old, or did something new and interesting, didn’t mean that it made us happier While he never says it, Newport, is talking about Any Benefit thinking again. The Any-Benefit Approach to Network […]

Social Media does not equal a platform

Today I would like to explain why I feel that if you are an author or artist, you DO NOT need social media in order to have “a platform.” Plus: I’ll tell you exactly what will make agents and publishers happy, even if you never touch social media. We all need a platform of some […]