That Ideal Day

I love this article detailing the ideal day where everything went right. I love it because some of it is achievable every day. You can go to bed earlier and get the rest you need. You can decide to bury your phone in your backpack, or even leave it at home, and spend time talking […]

Are you refining

Thoughtful post from Scott on the process of creating taking time. I was just talking to some of my coaching students today about some new thinking told and strategies I’ve been using that have been helpful. Old Curtis would just have launched something about it. This time I’ll work through it with my clients a […]

The Worst Thing You’ve Done

The whole interview was great, but this minute as Catherine Hoke talks about being known first for the worst thing you’ve done. I’m still thinking about it an hour later. Stop and think about the worst thing you’ve done. That time you failed or fought or … Who knows. I’d be in jail. I’m blessed […]

Make Everyone Happy

Social media makes it easy to be both dissatisfied and to have a mission at the same time: Make everyone happy. – Never smooth enough — a modern addiction Timely as I’ve been doing a bit of this lately. Trying to make people that don’t matter happy. Going to stop.

Are You Interested In Documenting

Another good one today on Medium, this time about documenting the struggles we have on the way to success. Do you read more people that talk about the struggles or show off success all the time? One is a highlight reel you can’t ever compare your real life to. The other is someone on the […]

Creating Running and Writing

Ryan Holiday has a nice post on writing and running. I write and I run. I code and I run. Sometimes I run then code and run again. There is just something about being out there under your own power with a pair of shoes and some water that frees the mind for me. What do […]

Minimalist Bullet Journal

I love my Bullet Journal and I’ll be writing about it a bunch in February. I’ll be covering my whole personal productivity and task management workflow in fact. Anyway, this is a great video looking at a fairly minimal Bullet Journal. One without a whole bunch of art all over that I’ll never come close […]

Fighter Pilots, Decision Making and The OODA Loop

I’m going to harp on the only skill that a freelancer needs that will stay useful is good decision making. To that end, you need to go read this excellence article on the OODA loop at Farnam Street. I need to write about this at length to make sure that I’ve solidified my learning on […]

How I Use NO To Win More Work

In late 2017 I spoke at the WooCommerce Developers Conference and now I’ve written a blog post for them on the same ideas. It even includes a video of the talk, which I haven’t watched again because it always feels painful to watch myself talk.