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  • Rachel Baker – Can WordPress Be a blog engine, CMS and Web Application?

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  • Editing Code on the iPad

    Panic released Coda 2 (AppStore) and Diet Coda (AppStore) recently. Coda 2 will replace Coda 1 for me, it’s my cowboy coding (live on the server) tool and nothing is even close for that task. Probably more intriguing is Diet Coda though. On my ride to Seattle I left the laptop (13″ MBP) since carrying…

  • Picking Projects Back Up

    We all have to stop working at some point every day, but how do we remember where we left off on the project? Today I’ve got a few tips around how I remember where I was in my code and how I keep track of all of the tabs I had open for a project.…

  • WordPress Menu UI

    Today we’ve just got a quick comment on how I think the WordPress menu UI could be improved. [podcast format=”video”][/podcast]