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  • My 5 Favourite Kanban Tools

    My 5 Favourite Kanban Tools

    Kanban is one of my favourite task management systems. It does an excellent job at visualizing what is outstanding in a project and seeing all of the tasks that are assigned to you. If you’re interesting in learning more about Kanban I suggest the Personal Kanban book. Today we’ll look at my 5 favourite kanban…

  • Fix Obsidian Kanban Mobile

    Fix Obsidian Kanban Mobile

    While I use macOS for much of my work, I still strongly prefer iPadOS as an operating system. For the most part, Obsidian and the surrounding plugins work perfectly on iPadOS, but not always. One recent tweak I made to the Kanban plugin for Obsidian was to invert the order of new cards. This accomplishes…

  • Introduction to Kanban in Obsidian

    Introduction to Kanban in Obsidian

    Today’s video is going to walk through the basics of the Kanban Plugin for Obsidian. By the end of the video you’ll understand how to use the plugin and see my basic YouTube Kanban setup. One of my favourite things about the plugin is the excellent documentation that the plugin provides. I’ve referenced the docs…