I just turned off email on my phone

I’m a huge proponent of GTD. I use it to run my whole business and pretty much all of my life tasks. GTD is all about removing cognitive load by putting tasks and notes in a trusted system. For me that system is OmniFocus and Evernote. The thing is that I break my own system […]

Emergency scanning just increases your stress

Oh email…yup I know it’s a pain in the ass for you. It’s like that for me sometimes as well. I’ve been on an email diet for a while, but there is more to dealing with email than a diet. It all starts with how you handle email. If you’re a GTD person you’re going […]

How I Use OmniFocus

After writing about time batching I was asked to detail how I use OmniFocus. I’ve actually been asked more than once but it’s such a complex subject that I’ve been hesitant to put my system down. It’s time to get it out there and hopefully you can learn from it. Note: OmniFocus can be as […]

On The Topic of Tech Serving You – What Does it Say About You?

After recently talking about your Tech Getting in the Way here is another post about your ‘dock’ showing what is a priority with the usage of your phone (obviously only phones with docks). The Dock. That little area on your iPhone or iPad that contains a handful of apps which are available on every screen. […]

Using Omnifocus Appropriately

For a long time I’ve been an OmniFocus user that drank the coolaid and put everything in to Omnifocus, no matter how small the idea was. Inspired by a Mac Power Users episode with Merlin Mann I’ve recently spent a bunch of time pulling information back out of OmniFocus though because it was just a […]

OmniFocus Speed Tips

I’ve blogged about key commands and time saving tips for TextMate. Like most programmers my day is spent in my code editor primarily but I also make heavy use of OmniFocus to organize the days tasks and I hate having to grab my mouse (the keyboard is way faster). Here are some of the things […]

Review of The Hit List: It came with a Bundle

In Episode 2 @iKitty mentioned that she was using Things as a GTD/TODO app based on a recommendation from me. I used to use Things as my choice for quite a while but have now switched over to The Hit List and thought I’d give you a run down of the features. While this started […]

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