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  • Is OmniFocus Legacy Software?

    Is OmniFocus Legacy Software?

    With OmniFocus 4 in TestFlight I thought I’d check it out for my regular light task needs again. The specific draw was the automation available, which is their own thing and is cross-platform. This is far better than what Things 3 provides, with little automation on macOS and on iOS you need to create a […]

  • The Next Tag in OmniFocus

    I like this idea. When I did Bullet Journal I ran a few lists that had a similar function. I had lists for: – thisweek – nextweek – thismonth – nextmonth I’d migrate tasks between the lists and when it came to planning I’d look at `#thisweek` and arrange the tasks into the week so…

  • OmniFocus and Things Comparison

    Good comparison of OmniFocus and Things 3. I’m wondering if TickTick is really the right tool for me. It’s falling down in the automation department because it doesn’t allow you to create a list/project automatically. These are the two strongest contenders right now.

  • The Task Managers I Recommend

    The Task Managers I Recommend

    While I’ve centralized my work on a single task manager, that doesn’t mean that I recommend my choice for everyone. In fact, I tell my wife **not** to use the task manager I use daily. It’s simply too much for her to manage. Let’s take a look at the task systems I recommend and dive…

  • William Gallagher – Writer’s Essential Tools: OmniFocus

    [William gives us a decent overview of how OmniFocus can help writers get their projects under control](https://youtu.be/-vlMCIvAlSU). I wish he showed his Shortcuts stuff in more detail, but he didn’t. Overall, I’ve been enjoying William’s videos.

  • Is OmniFocus an iPadOS Power Tool?

    Is OmniFocus an iPadOS Power Tool?

    There are many times in my 10 year productivity journey that I’ve used OmniFocus as my main task manager. Back in 2013 I wrote a long post about how I use OmniFocus to get work done, but even before that I shared some speed tips to use OmniFocus from the keyboard. And that’s not even…

  • I just turned off email on my phone

    I just turned off email on my phone

    I’m a huge proponent of GTD. I use it to run my whole business and pretty much all of my life tasks. GTD is all about removing cognitive load by putting tasks and notes in a trusted system. For me that system is OmniFocus and Evernote. The thing is that I break my own system…

  • Emergency scanning just increases your stress

    Emergency scanning just increases your stress

    Oh email…yup I know it’s a pain in the ass for you. It’s like that for me sometimes as well. I’ve been on an email diet for a while, but there is more to dealing with email than a diet. It all starts with how you handle email. If you’re a GTD person you’re going…

  • How I Use OmniFocus

    How I Use OmniFocus

    After writing about time batching I was asked to detail how I use OmniFocus. I’ve actually been asked more than once but it’s such a complex subject that I’ve been hesitant to put my system down. It’s time to get it out there and hopefully you can learn from it. Note: OmniFocus can be as…

  • On The Topic of Tech Serving You – What Does it Say About You?

    After recently talking about your Tech Getting in the Way here is another post about your ‘dock’ showing what is a priority with the usage of your phone (obviously only phones with docks). The Dock. That little area on your iPhone or iPad that contains a handful of apps which are available on every screen.…