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  • Cool XL iPad Widgets

    Cool XL iPad Widgets

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  • Things 3 iPadOS 15 Update

    Things 3 iPadOS 15 Update

    The latest update to Things 3 solved a bunch of little pain points with the application as well as adding some excellent new features. In this video we’ll talk about. XL widgets for iPad Widget Customization Universal Shortcuts CTRL Return as a new keyboard Shortcut New notification settings Live Text (I use this mainly on…

  • Things 3.14 Markdown Update

    Things 3.14 Markdown Update

    Things just put out a new update with some nice features around adding text to your tasks via markdown formatting. Specifically it now includes formatting for headings, highlights, bold, italics, code, and various list formats including a checkbox style list format. To go along with this they’ve rolled out a new keyboard command to search…

  • 2021 Hybrid Productivity Setup

    2021 Hybrid Productivity Setup

    We’re already a good bit into 2021, so it’s time to share my hybrid productivity system. There are advantages to digital and analogue tools in managing your tasks and while many people try to push a boundary that stays permanently between these differing systems, I decided late in 2020 to stop making this artificial boundary.…

  • Automating Things 3 with Taskpaper Templates

    Automating Things 3 with Taskpaper Templates

    While Things3 has a solid URL scheme I’ve talked about a few times, it’s a huge pain in the ass to use when you need to adjust templates or deal with automation on iPadOS and iOS. The need to detect which device you’re on sucks and Cultured Code needs to come up with some fix…

  • Digital Timeblocking with Things3 and Calendar

    This is a video from my course on Skillshare on Timeblocking. You can get it by visiting [curtismchale.ca/skillshare](https://curtismchale.ca/skillshare). Watch for my video on analogue timeblocking next week.

  • Issues with Shortcuts and Things 3

    While there is lots to love about Things 3 and it’s capabilities with automation, it’s also got one huge problem if you’re trying to automate it with Shortcuts on iOS. Things 3 offers separate purchases for iOS and iPadOS, which means they’re different applications and get different intents in Shortcuts. The result of this is…

  • Things 3 Scribble Support on iOS 14

    Things 3 Scribble Support on iOS 14

    [Scribble](https://support.apple.com/en-ca/guide/ipad/ipad355ab2a7/ipados) is a new iOS 14 feature that brings the apple pencil new powers for these that love handwriting. Today I’ll only be looking at how [Things 3 supports Scribble](https://culturedcode.com/things/blog/). I don’t think that Scribble will greatly increase my Apple Pencil use, but it’s nice to have for any user that is using their Apple…

  • Automating My Content Calendar in Things 3

    Automating My Content Calendar in Things 3

    As I’ve looked around at different task managers and settled on Things 3 as my first option to test out, I realized I was giving up my [TickTick Content Calendar](https://curtismchale.ca/2020/08/03/build-a-content-calendar-with-ticktick). That meant it was time to do some automation to use Drafts, Things 3 and Calendar to get a content calendar that is automated for…

  • Magic + Button Things 3

    Magic + Button Things 3

    One of the under praised features of Things 3 on iOS is the magic plus button you can use to add tasks to the application. For a long time I only used it by tapping it, but then I realized how much extra power this button has especially on iPad. Today I’ll show you how…