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  • Things 3 Interface Tour

    Things 3 Interface Tour

    Today’s video will take a look at the main areas of Things 3 interface.

  • Planning Your Week with Things 3

    Planning Your Week with Things 3

    When it comes time to plan your week in Things 3, it’s time to look at the multi-window functionality available in the application. While I’m going to show you this workflow on macOS, it’s just easier to understand what’s going on due to the ability to open many windows side by side. You can do…

  • Things 3 Calendar Integration

    Things 3 Calendar Integration

    One thing I usually want in a task manager is the ability to see what other items are scheduled for a specific day. I’ve got 3 kids that go to activities, and I volunteer on their field trips, and I like to ride my bike…this means that many days I have lots of other things…

  • Things 3 Search

    Things 3 Search

    To speed up accessing different areas of Things 3 you should become familiar with the search, which can be accessed with ⌘ F. Search will allow you to access any task, tag, area, or project without needing to click through the interface to find what you’re looking for. On your iPhone you can access Search…

  • Things 3 Reminders Integration

    Things 3 Reminders Integration

    One fast way to add tasks to Things 3 with your voice is via it’s reminders integration. To set this up go to settings in Things 3 and choose Reminders in the top bar. Once there select the checkbox next to Show to-dos from. Here Things will prompt you for access to Reminders. Once you’ve…

  • Automating Projects in Things 3

    Automating Projects in Things 3

    There are a few ways to automate repeating projects in Things 3. I personally use them for packing lists for things like skiing with my family. The only time I didn’t load my packing list last year I forgot to brin their ski boots and then we had to sort out ski books, then bigger…

  • Email Tasks to Things 3

    Email Tasks to Things 3

    Another quick way to get tasks into Things 3 is to use the Mail to Things feature provided by Cultured Code. You can access this in the Things 3 settings under Things Cloud. To access this click Manage and then a new popup will give you more information on how to use Mail to Things.…

  • GTD in Your PKM – Track Everything

    GTD in Your PKM – Track Everything

    I recently got asked how I use Obsidian alongside all the project management and task tools I must have. In any given week I have things to do coming in via Trello, Github Issues, email and Things 3. Many of these items may also have a related Slack conversation, or notes I have taken in…

  • Using Obsidian with Things 3

    Using Obsidian with Things 3

    The task manager I use most is Things 3 and until very recently I’ve spent a lot of time doing a copy/paste dance between Things 3 and Obsidian to make sure that any notes I take are set up as proper tasks in my task manager. Now I can automate a lot of that process…

  • Don’t Go Entirely Paperless

    Jamie talks about one of the issues with buying into any system, going overboard. When I was going paperless with Evernote, my experiment was to see if I could go completely paperless, so everything went into Evernote. But I found that 80% of the paper I scanned I never looked at again, even years later.…