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Getting Started with Obsidian

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  • Team Sky – Staffed by Adults

    I’ve written more than once about the troubles of RadioShack – Nissan Trek and how it seems few adults work there. I mean, airing your displeasure to the media before your talked to the other person…sounds like high school to me. Let’s take a look at another team, Sky. They’ve been hugely successful this year, […]

  • RadioShack Nissan Trek does have an Adult Athlete Employed

    I’ve written more than once about the woes of RadioShack Nissan Trek. Ultimately it has seemed that there really aren’t any adults on the team. Adults do things like talk to those they have issues with, instead of running to the media to tell about their issues. Well it does seem like they have an […]

  • RadioShack Nissan Trek – A Team in Deep Trouble

    So the latest news regarding RSNT (RadioShack Nissan Trek) is that [Frank Schleck had an Adverse Analytical Finding][find] (legalese for possible doping). No the B sample hasn’t been tested and there may be [more to it than we think][cyctips], but the headlines read Frank Schleck was caught doping. No matter what happens with Frank (and […]

  • Bruyneel Tries to Fix the Horner Debacle

    So Johan Bruyneel [responded][res] to the whole Chris Horner misunderstanding. It seems that not everyone may have been quite truthful in what they knew about and did not know about in regards to the requirements laid out by the team to be included in the Tour de France. I don’t actually care where the truth […]

  • Can RadioShack Nissan Trek Survive it’s Dissent?

    I’ve wondered how things were going with [Team RadioShack Nissan Trek][rns] (RNS) for a while now. Forget the lack of results for the team this year. Sure it’s disconcerting given the deep roster of athletes. The real issue seems to be in fighting and doing it publicly. First during the [Critérium Du Dauphiné][cdd] there were […]