If You Want to Stand Out You Need A Badass Brand

We all want to stand out from the crowd. We’re not interested in being average. Average for business is scraping by, hitting up a bunch of networking events hoping that this time something interesting will happen that will help our business break out. There is also an audio version of this you can listen to […]

Your Productivity System Doesn’t Matter If you Can’t Plan To NOW

I said in the Key Concept of Making Decisions, that if I touch a task three times I force myself to do it that week or push it off to my next quarterly planning cycle. That quarterly planning cycle is where I ask myself this question. “Given the resources I have and the time I […]

Choosing my time

Matthew Lang referenced something I said and I figured I’d give an update. I recently made the choice to not use Instagram. I like Instagram and it has nothing to do with their parent company Facebook. I just find that when I have Instagram on any device I waste time looking through images that are […]

If You Want to Ship Amazing Work You Need to Prioritize

In any given day you have a number of tasks that could be done. They fall into one of a number of buckets. Most systems give you 4 different options. The four below are called an Eisenhower Matrix. Urgent and important Important, but not urgent Urgent, but not important Neither urgent nor important The first […]

If you Want to Be Productive You Have to Make Decisions

I’ve already introduced this Key Concept when I talked about pushing problems off on future you. Tim Urban has a hilarious blog post on this type of procrastination as he talks about getting ready for his TED talk on…procrastination. It ends with February Tim needing to do all the work to get ready for the […]

Freelance Saturdays – April 7

Welcome to the all new shiny Freelance Saturday newsletter. This is going to be a collection of 3 – 5 things to read or listen to that can help you run a better business on Monday. Expect an issue every Saturday. To make sure you don’t miss an issue and get lots of extra goodies, […]

After “living the dream” why did Adam Warner get a job?

I’ve known Adam around WordPress for a few years but when we met at WooConf, I was very intrigued with his story. He is a cofounder of FooPlugins and ran that as his only job for 4 years. Most people would say he was living the dream, but then he went out and took a […]

Steven Pressfield Weighs in on How to Continually Ship Creative Work

One key to being successful in your career is, doing the work. You must ship your book, your code, your art. It must see the light of day or it’s not a career. It’s a hobby. The whole point of Do The Work, by Steven Pressfield, is to coach you through the predictable resistance points […]

Productivity Is About Doing The Work

I almost made this into two different sections because there are two ways of looking at this key concept. First, it’s all your fault. There is very little that happens in your life where you don’t have some form of control. At the very least you have control over how you respond to the things […]

If You Want to Be Productive You have to Suck at Something

The worst question my wife used to ask me was: “Did you get everything done today?” The answer was never yes which always meant that it was demoralizing to answer it. It was like my stupid statement: “The kids slept great last night…right.” No they didn’t I just sleep like a stone and that made […]