Grammarly and iOS is a Big Bag of Suck

I’ve written about my writing workflow a number of times and it keeps changing a bit here and there. One of the key components in the past was Grammarly. I freely admit, that my grammar and punctuation is pretty bad. I try to keep improving it but some days are better than others and this […]

On Baby Changing Areas in a Men’s Bathroom

This article from Hugh Wilson reminded me of my similar battles. The worst was the kids store that had a men’s bathroom, no family bathroom and no changing space in the men’s bathroom. Oh, and you couldn’t fit a stroller between the racks of clothes in the store either. For that store, it certainly seemed […]

So You Want to Leave Social Media

Years ago I said that you should be careful about using services that you’re not paying for. If you’re not paying then you’re the product, or the content/things you produce are the product. Based on Tweets like this, people are getting done with Twitter. I've been on Twitter for over a decade. I've used it […]

Simon Sinek on Social Media and Addiction

I think the “Millennial” thing makes many roll their eyes when they look at videos/blog posts/stuff like this. I do like the bent towards Science and dopamine. I’m happy that I’ve mostly disengaged from social media. Have you thought about your use of Social Media this way? Are you going to do anything about it?

Colour and Bullet Journal

The thing I like about this Bullet Journal is the colour. I do my weekly plan by colour so I know what’s going on. If you want to see how I do Bullet Journal, and organize my whole system around going analogue, then you can read about it in Analogue Productivity.

Freelance Friday 025 – Sept 28 2018

Well today I move into the new house. Best part is an office all to myself and 300/300 internet, which is only now becoming affordable/common for houses in Canada. The biggest struggle I’ve been having lately is visualizing all my work. As in, how do I see what’s on my plate for all projects, both […]

Quickly Add Append Ideas to a Bear Note in iOS

My friend asked if there was a way to quickly append a thought to a Bear note from iOS. While Bear has a great Share Sheet integration which does allow you to append the “thing”1 to a note, just adding text is a bit harder. In steps Shortcuts to save the day with a widget […]

Should I Read It 029 – Coach the Person Not The Problem

Today we’re going to take a quick look at what good coaching should look like with Coach The Person Not The Problem Purchase Coach the Person not the Problem on Amazon Written Review of Coach the Person not The Problem This episode of Should I Read It is brought to you by my latest book, […]

Running your business is like a 50k race and Finding Nemo

Sept 15th I ran my second 50km race, commonly called an Ultra Marathon because it’s longer than a marathon. Unfortunately this year I fell off a cliff at the end of July and messed up my ankle. That meant I was coming in to the race with two months of mostly no training. I had […]

Better Blocker keeps you private

Better Blocker updated for iOS 12 and macOS Mojave. I use it on iOS and since I’m iOS first that’s mostly what matters for me. So much tracking and you can stop a bunch of it with Better Blocker

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