Freelance Friday 014 – July 13 2018

This week I met with my new coach. This coach is all about helping me write and publish a great book. Yes I’ve written 6 and currently have 5 for sale, but the sales have always been much smaller than my dreams. So I stopped going it alone and hired someone to help. If you’ve […]

Should I Read It 023 – Linchpin by Seth Godin

If you’ve been looking for something to read to help you stand out from the crowd, then today’s book is going to give you a swift kick in the head to help you stand out. Purchase Linchpin on Amazon Written Review of Linchpin This episode of Should I Read It is brought to you by […]

Do I need to take a class to get started freelancing?

This is based off an answer I gave on Quora. Figure out what you’re going to do. – what are you good at now? – what will people pay for? – what is the target market you’re looking at? 2. Where will you offer your services? – is Upwork worth it? – what about testing […]

Getting Past the Gatekeeper So You Can Have a Winning Proposal

Over on the Liquid Web blog I wrote about some tactics you can use to woo the buyer on a project. In my last post I talked about the importance of talking to the buyer for your project. I introduced the idea of the gatekeeper there. To recap, the gatekeeper is anyone that doesn’t have […]

10 Ways to Stand Out from the Crowd as a WordPress Developer

We get to work in an amazing industry. We get to work with a number of clients from small businesses where we help make dreams come true, to large corporations on huge projects. But this industry depth also means that it can be hard to stand out as a freelancer or an agency. In fact, […]

Chris Lema on serving your inbox

Is your inbox your boss? While I may check email at some point any day of the week the only day I put effort in to clearing up what’s in it is Friday. See Friday I’m between calls so there isn’t really much I can do once I start on the call and meeting bandwagon. […]

Cal Newport on Open Offices

Newport cites a new study on open office plans, interruption and face-to-face interactions. The short version is that open offices promote less face-to-face interaction, more IM/Slack and more email. So we have more digital distraction and less of the thing that the office was supposed to promote. This quote sums up my feelings on the […]

Freelance Friday 013 – July 06 2018

It’s my first “full” week back after vacation and while many of my American readers had a celebration on July 4th, up in Canadaland we celebrated on July 1st for Canada Day. So I still had a day off this week. The big thing I’ve pushed forward this week was my next book, tentatively called […]

What Makes a Team Dysfunctional?

We’ve all seen teams that are terrible. Teams that fought and backstabbed. Teams where no one bought in to the vision of the company. Unfortunately, many of us have only seen these teams that are broken. We haven’t seen teams that have constructive arguments and then align around the decision. We haven’t seen teams that […]

Should I Read It 022 – The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

Today’s book is going to use a parable as a way to teach us how teams should work. Purchase The Five Dysfunctions of a Team on Amazon Written Look at The Five Dysfunctions of a Team This episode of Should I Read It is brought to you by The 8 Week Business Bootcamp. If you’re […]

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