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  • 5 Life Operating Procedures

    5 Life Operating Procedures

    Here are some of the operating procedures I use to help ensure I don’t wallow in ignorance. Don’t Argue about Zebra’s One of the first rules I like to operate by is that I don’t argue about Zebra’s. In Canada walking around my town if I see a 4 legged beast running through a field […]

  • Things 3.14 Markdown Update

    Things 3.14 Markdown Update

    Things just put out a new update with some nice features around adding text to your tasks via markdown formatting. Specifically it now includes formatting for headings, highlights, bold, italics, code, and various list formats including a checkbox style list format. To go along with this they’ve rolled out a new keyboard command to search…

  • Is OmniFocus Legacy Software?

    Is OmniFocus Legacy Software?

    With OmniFocus 4 in TestFlight I thought I’d check it out for my regular light task needs again. The specific draw was the automation available, which is their own thing and is cross-platform. This is far better than what Things 3 provides, with little automation on macOS and on iOS you need to create a…

  • Should You Use Craft as a Task Manager?

    Should You Use Craft as a Task Manager?

    I’ve been asked more than once about keeping track of tasks in Craft. How do I do it? What is my setup, so today we’ll talk about it. In a word, Craft is not a task manager. I don’t manage tasks in Craft and you shouldn’t either. To take a longer look at this, everyone…

  • A Leftie’s Bullet Journal V2 Review

    A Leftie’s Bullet Journal V2 Review

    I’ve been using something like The Bullet Journal Method for years now. I’ve used the first version of The Bullet Journal, which was a lightly customized [Leuchtturm 1917]( notebook with branding. I’ve used standard Leuchtturm notebooks as well and while I missed the third ribbon for marking my spot, ultimately it’s the same notebook. Today…

  • 2021 Hybrid Productivity Setup

    2021 Hybrid Productivity Setup

    We’re already a good bit into 2021, so it’s time to share my hybrid productivity system. There are advantages to digital and analogue tools in managing your tasks and while many people try to push a boundary that stays permanently between these differing systems, I decided late in 2020 to stop making this artificial boundary.…

  • Fundamental Flaws with Cal Newport’s Timeblocking Notebook

    Fundamental Flaws with Cal Newport’s Timeblocking Notebook

    When I heard that Cal Newport was releasing a timeblock planner I was excited because I’ve liked his work in the past. Unfortunately I think there are a few problems with how the notebook has been designed that make it hard to use day to do. Check out today’s video to see what I think…

  • Analogue Timeblocking

    Analogue Timeblocking

    This is a video from my course on Skillshare on Timeblocking. You can get it by visiting []( You can see my take on digital timeblocking in [my previous video](

  • Atomic Tasks Help You Get More Done

    Atomic Tasks Help You Get More Done

    One big issue that most people have with their tasks lists is that many of the items are not actionable on the list. If you have to return something to Amazon you write down “Return covers to Amazon”, which is a project not a task. That single thing you wrote down has 9 things to…

  • The Timeblocking Task Manager I Want

    The Timeblocking Task Manager I Want

    I know there are lots of task management applications out there. I bet if you spent a week on each application you’d spend years trying all the options and in that time there would be many extra options that didn’t exist when you started. I also know that there is no “perfect” task management application…